Why It Makes Sense To Advertise On Facebook.

What is your biggest money maker as far as marketing goes? Is it your website, social media, networking, cold calls? You’ve probably heard that Facebook advertising is amazing but have you experienced results yourself?

My goal in this short video is to show you exactly why Facebook is one of the best options for getting new qualified customers. So let’s begin.

A Little Fish Story

Imagine you are a fisherman whose entire family of six depends on your ability to catch and sell fish at the market.

You’ve been fishing the same way in the same spot for years. And you’ve done quite well. You catch fish and make a decent living. it’s hard work and you rarely get the big ones that bring top dollar but you can’t complain.

you’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to sell your fish in the marketplace. Some of your competitors seem to have found a more consistent way to bring in bigger and better fish and you’re having to cut prices and haggle with shop owners just to make ends meet.

It’s pretty obvious to see the analogy I’m making here. If you’re using the wrong methods and fishing in the wrong ponds then you’ll never catch the fish you need to survive.

What you need is a stocked pond full of your ideal prospects and a surefire way of hooking them.

1. Your customers are there.

Facebook is still the Largest and most used social platform with over 2.45 billion monthly users. This means that no matter what service you offer, I guarantee your ideal customer is there. You can’t guarantee that with any other medium: radio, tv, billboards, business cards… How do you know what pond you are fishing in? You may say “Sam, my customers are older, they’re not on social media.” To that, I say, “Wanna bet?” The fastest-growing group of Facebook users is the 65+ group. Since this is typically the last group to adopt new technology, you can be certain everyone else is already there.

So If Facebook is the stocked pond then what is the method for hooking them?

2. Target only your ideal customers.

The answer is targeted advertising. The Facebook ad platform has the ability to look at your past customer list and target people just like your best customers to show your ads to. This means more guessing about who you’re spreading your message to. It’s like having a fish finder with a gill-seeking laser that can be programmed to catch any type of fish you want. It’s kinda like cheating.

3. It’s super cost-effective

Now you’ve probably heard that it is expensive to advertise online and you may have spent a lot of money In The past with poor results. I get it. Money is a pain point. You want a good return. The good news is that Facebook ad costs had dropped nearly 6% In The last year and the average cost per click is only $1.57 making it the cheapest platform when leveraged properly.

So let’s recap

  1. Virtual stocked pond of your ideal customers
  2. The most targeted form of advertising
  3. Cost-effective- No better time to capitalize on your investment

I hope this gives you a reason to rework your budget and take advantage of the Facebook platform. In my next video, I’ll be covering the 3 common mistakes business owners make when advertising on Facebook and what you can do to avoid the same pitfalls.

Thanks for watching. If you found value in this video/blog let us know by dropping a comment and sharing it with all your friends.

This is Leumas from NeuWeb Marketing signing out.

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