Who We Are


We specialize in helping small businesses achieve the goals they have always wanted to reach through digital marketing strategies. Finding that extra time for marketing is hard, that’s why we’re here. Whether your budget is big or small we have the resources make sure your audience gets the message, you want their business. As the marketing industry continues to change so do our strategies. We’re in this for the win and we love the growth we’ve seen. You take control of your business, we’ll take control of the marketing.

Our Team

Our Team of dedicated professionals are always working hard to bring you the best quality products in marketing!

Samuel Neudeck
Samuel NeudeckCEO/Founder
Jake Cornish
Jake CornishCOO/Media Director
Mike Wood
Mike WoodSales & Brand Consultant

“We strive to create effective marketing strategies that get tangible results and create real connections with the brands we serve”

Our Birth

Samuel Neudeck (NeuWeb’s founder) began a journey in 2014. NeuWeb Marketing started as a freelance project to design websites for a handful of small local businesses under the name Neudeck Design.  A year later the frustrations of his clients got to him. Many had been ripped of by wanna-be designers or “gurus.” He thought, “there has to be a better way.”  Sam took several months of testing and researching to learning new digital skills. He discovered the secrets of internet marketing. That process became the catalyst of innovation that foreshadowed the formation of NeuWeb Marketing in May of 2017.

The Renaissance

Small businesses need to be truly educated about the digital economy. Selling someone a web design by itself doesn’t do any favors. Websites have changed in the last 10 years. The industry of marketing has changed as well. In order to keep up, the marketing strategies of many businesses had to change as well. Many business owners are still uneducated about how to be effective with digital marketing. There is a steep learning curve and a lot of technological challenges. NeuWeb Marketing was founded to help meet these growing needs and educational gaps.

Sam built a system for business growth, changed entire landscape of digital tools, and bridged the technological gap. Despite these things, he realized success depends not only on the tools, but on the strategy behind their use. He began to help businesses discover their strengths and weaknesses. From there he formed digital marketing strategies that truly met their needs.

NeuWeb Today

Today NeuWeb is on the cutting edge of innovation in the digital marketing spectrum. We continue to drive results for our clients and take the time to analyze the bigger picture. Using great design techniques, automated tools, analytical data, and sheer industry experience; our marketing strategies continue to grow bottom lines and delight our clients with tangible results. As we expand our team, abilities, and resources we continue to grow in new directions and bring value to the table. In other words, we’re here for the long haul.

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