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Our mission is to transform the way local businesses do marketing by designing proven systems for sustainable long-term growth.”


We are a small team of friends and professionals dedicated to our craft.
We are always excited for new projects and always look forward to creating successful partner relationships and results.

Sam Neudeck
Sam NeudeckOwner/CEO
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When I was 12 years old my Dad said something to me that started me down a path of entrepreneurialism. He asked me if I would like to make money mowing lawns for him. I readily said yes and soon was mowing multiple lawns around our little farm town in Southwest Michigan. I built my first roof at 15 years old helping a neighbor put up a barn and decided that I could enjoy this line of work. Working as a laborer I’ve done everything from drain fields to entire home builds from the ground up. After working my way through college in Indiana, I took interest in web design and worked for a year for marketing agency. Hitting rock bottom, I moved back to my home town in Michigan and began my own marketing agency.

Becoming a branch manager of a local roofing company. I noticed a need for better marketing and business organization overall and especially the value of earning exclusive leads that were easy to sell. I took this passion and poured it into my agency determined to create a solution to the problem.

Since then I’ve developed a system that finds homeowners and gets them to book a time with you on autopilot. This business means more to me than just dollars and cents. It represents a lifetime of experience and knowledge. A gateway to a better life for my kids. A vehicle by which my amazing team and myself can use our skills to help hundreds of thousands of business owners and local residents life a better life and get the products and service they deserve.

When you partner with NeuWeb, you’re partnering with family. Every member of our team is hand picked for their dedication to helping others above themselves. I want to thank you for taking the time to look into our company and look forward to working with you in the future.

~ Sam Neudeck

Meet Allie!

Alexandria (“allie”), is our amazing administrative assistant and account manager. She oversees partner relationships and is the motivational voice behind the work that gets done around here. Great at staying organized and pushing people to their best potential, she has become an integral part of the team here at NeuWeb Marketing. She is an avid reader, photographer, and enjoys getting out to the beach as it reminds her of surfing in florida when she was a kid. If you’re having a bad day, Allie is sure to make it a bit brighter.

Alexandria Hartley
Alexandria HartleyAccount Manager
Dennis Hiatt
Dennis HiattSenior Developer

Denny, the ruler of many domains…

“My Dad, first put me on a computer when I was 7yrs old” It’s hard for me not to remember a time when technology wasn’t a major part of my life. Starting with the NES then moving on to computers, coding, building, learning, and growing. I am Married, with two(2) children, and a complete geek. I love to play video games, D&D, Disc Golf, and Hanging with friends and family around a campfire. As I view customer service as a dying art, I want to provide you with the best service I can. I won’t stop until your project is perfect in every way that I am able. When you succeed, I succeed. And I truly believe that.

This is Jake,

Jacob Cornish is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a passion for business and film. Combining his amazing footage with an eye for viral design, Jake is our go to man for everything motion media. While preferring to spend as much free time as he can outdoors, Jake can be found photographing wildlife and tracking big game year round. With millions of views on his videos we know who our real ace in the hole is… this guy!

Jake Cornish
Jake CornishMedia Director

Business owners are tired of not getting anywhere with the people they hire to grow their online marketing. They want to grow their business long-term and they want a system with proven results. Businesses that rely on leads in order to make sales are looking for a system that is cheaper than buying from sources like Home Advisor. They need quality AND sustainability. Not just a broker but an owned system that is an asset to their business. That’s what we provide.

We’re not a turnkey one size fits all solution. Simply put we are better than other marketing agencies because we only work with a select number of clients we know we can help. With over 30+ years combined experience in digital marketing, web design, business strategy, and sales you can be confident the right people are on the job to create successful results for your business. Why not apply to partner with us?

We’ve learned that having the right set of values is the most important foundation for creating true success. We believe in:

Leadership | Integrity | Transparency | Creativity | Servitude

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