How To Write A Lead Capturing Whitepaper


A Whitepaper is an in-depth report on a specific topic. Typically at least 10 pages in length with illustrations, charts and references. A whitepaper is not designed for casual browsing and usually requires several read-through’s to understand the full amount of knowledge it provides. Readers will expect a high degree of expertise and research. It can take weeks or even months to write and polish a good whitepaper. (Are you using whitepapers? Comment yes, or comment no.)


A whitepaper can be one of your best lead generating assets online. Users can subscribe to your email list and download the whitepaper for free in order to get the value you provide. Based on the topic of the download, you have a pretty good idea of their interest and can them follow up with your marketing efforts to help them solve a problem.


  1. Fill A Need.

    You should understand your target audience and identify a need that they have in an area where your expertise can bring value..

  2. Take Your Time.

    It’s bad practice to copy the work of others. Take your time and put real effort into creating something unique. Use data and your unique perspective to relate to your readers.

  3. Give It Substance.

    Make an outline first and break down the sections. Then fill those areas with substantial hypothesis, data, and results. Back up your claims with references and visual graphics/charts to build trust.

  4. Provide Authority.

    Speak from the standpoint of an expert. Mention other experts in your field and even some of the work they’ve done. This shows you know you are aware of what’s going on in your industry.

  5. Create Contextual Value.

    Creating a landing page for your whitepaper is vital capturing leads and getting downloads.

You need to educate your audience on the value they will be receiving by taking your whitepaper. Include a summary, why it’s important, include some snippets from comments and reviews.