When it comes to home loan marketing, you have to find what works for you and what will reach your audience. But, of course, not everything is going to be exactly as you imagine, and you might even have to employ some new tactics.  

What is the Best Loan Officer Marketing Tips?

There are some incredibly successful loan officer marketing tactics that you can use starting today.  Here are just some of the best twenty tactics that we have found for 2021:

  • Email friends and family
  • Teach financial advisors about mortgages
  • Introduce yourself to realtors
  • Teach personal finance courses
  • Teach people how to improve their credit score
  • Coach your clients and partners for referrals
  • Start with a website
  • Create a loan officer profile page
  • Create a local community page
  • Create a reviews page
  • Put your business on Google
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Use Facebook Live
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Use Social Media Ads
  • Post Content on Social Media
  • Create YouTube Videos
  • Use YouTube lives
  • Create Playlists
  • Explain mortgage processes and programs

These are all fantastic ideas, but if you want to start with a great foundation, here’s what you should do first.  

Create a Facebook Page

This might seem tedious, but this is incredibly helpful to help drive traffic to your content, site and eventually find more clients. You would not believe how many individuals are on Facebook and use it for most of their tasks. So this is a significant step to help you gain more traction and attention.

Create a Website

If you don’t have one already, this is essential. A website can be the difference between gaining clients and failing. You have to have a place for your clients to go for information and a place for you to help them connect to set up appointments for their loan concerns and questions.

Use Social Media Ads

It is true: social media is the new way to connect with people, and digital marketing is here to stay. For that reason, it would be well worth your time to invest some effort in putting together social media ads and content to share with your followers. You might even gain some new clients for home loan marketing and mortgages. 

Email Friends and Family

If you are stuck trying to find business, it is not a bad idea to reach out to people you know. Even if your friends and family are not going to need any home loans or mortgages, you might be able to find someone they know who needs your help. It never hurts to ask for business and reach out and make it clear that you have something they might benefit from.

Create Content to Explain Mortgage Principles and Tips

If you are up for it, creating content, whether blogs or videos, would be a great decision to get more traction. This shows that you are experienced and an expert and people will be more likely to partner with you for your services due to your loan officer marketing tactics. 

The Next Steps

Are you looking to improve your mortgage marketing and make your business more recognized? Then, you have plenty of resources to check out. There are numerous ways to ensure that your mortgage marketing efforts are purposeful and directed and no longer outdated.  

Find out how you can get a guaranteed 30+ pre-qualified and book mortgage consultations every month.  It is not impossible—all you have to do is have the right connections and support! Check out our exclusive marketing program for home loan officers to learn more and bring your mortgage marketing tactics to the future.

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