In the last year, there were many challenges that we all had to face. However, the mortgage industry was unique, and it was one of the most successful years despite the pandemic! 

With low rates and other incentives for people to capitalize on last year, there was every reason for people to get excited.  Now, as 2021 brings back rates and more normal conditions, you have to think about how you will market your business and find more customers.

Our Expectations

We expect that we will encounter some of the same marketing trends that we have always used.  For years, traditional marketing has been king, and people have been able to find products and services they need with print ads, television shorts, and even short little radio jingles. Of course, we expect these to work, and we hope people to buy into the product after a short amount of time, but the truth is, there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Our expectations likely might be a thing of the past.  Think about how quickly items like the CD player and other technological inventions became old news. But, unfortunately, when it comes to marketing, our expectations for where we invest money for our mortgage marketing will not usually be the same as our reality, and we have to spend our time and money to gain an audience. 

Our Reality

In 2021, things have changed a lot! Traditional marketing might be part of the equation, but home loan marketing has to consider other forms of marketing. For example, it is not enough to set aside a spot for a mortgage marketing newspaper ad. Now, people have to look into other resources like digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the new trend and the new expectation. People all around the world are using social media platforms to market themselves and make their businesses known.  Mortgage marketing now has to take these platforms and take advantage of the incredible reach that they have!

Now with these platforms, you can reach people all around the world, not just in your local community. However, if you continue to use outdated methods, you will fall out of the industry and eventually out of business and without income. 

Think of the investment into digital marketing as your investment into your future. This is not just about learning something new but about becoming more versed with what the upcoming generations use as their primary media source.  

The Next Steps

Are you looking to improve your mortgage marketing and make your business more recognized? Then, you have plenty of resources to check out. There are numerous ways to ensure that your mortgage marketing efforts are purposeful and directed and no longer outdated.  

Find out how you can get a guaranteed 30+ pre-qualified and book mortgage consultations every month.  It is not impossible—all you have to do is have the right connections and support! Check out our exclusive marketing program for home loan officers to learn more and bring your mortgage marketing tactics to the future.

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