Fully Customizable. Set Better Expectations With Homeowners.

Get your FREE editable lead magnet to start adding value to your customers online journey, set expectations early, spend less time educating and more time closing deals on location. This easy to edit and update document is chock full of valuable information for homeowners who want to understand the ins and outs of getting a new roof.

The “Ultimate homeowners Guide To Getting A New Roof” is appealing to your prospects because it helps them get questions answered early. When you customize it to fit your branding it will build trust and rapport with potential buyers making it easier to close contracts and handle objections about rice, materials, and other common questions. Get ahead of your customers path to purchase and download the this FREE Lead magnet today!

Use it for:

  • Lead Magnet offer on your website or social media
  • Sending to leads before inspection
  • Handing out to homeowners as you arrive on site for inspection
  • Posting on your blog and reformatting as an article
  • A script outline for recording an in depth video for your online presence.
  • Setting the right expectations with homeowners

Download The Document Here

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