Why Home Mortgage Consultants Are Wasting Their Time On Marketing

Even though many mortgage consultants believe their marketing might be the best, there are many reasons why they should consider that their efforts might be wasting their efforts and time. First, there are so many reasons to believe that the change in the industry is permanent, especially since there are so many signs of networking, mailers, cold emailing, and telemarketing shifting to other forms of advertisement.

It’s true: there is way less networking, mailers, and even physical advertising done now in every industry, especially for home mortgages and loan officers. People cannot rely on the former advertising methods that they used to use.  It is not worth your time or your effort to create flyers and go to networking events.  Now, if you want to make a mark in your local industry, you have to get online.  Here are some signs that you are wasting your time as a home mortgage consultant.

Lack of Warm Leads

If you are in a bit of a quiet period for your business, this could be a sign that you lack the leads you need.  As a home loan officer, you are always supposed to look for tips, potential clients, and connections. If this is lacking and you are in a dry spell for clients and work, this might be a sign that you need to direct your attention elsewhere because your strategies might not be working. 

No Lead Generation Strategy

Another big sign that you are wasting your time as a loan officer is if you find yourself with no lead generations and no strategy to get them. This is one of the essential steps you have to take to create more business for yourself and one of the ways that you can genuinely implement one of the many home loan marketing tips people provide on their websites. Find yourself a lead generation strategy and maximize your time and efforts rather than wasting them.

Spending Too Much Money with No Return

If you are losing too much money, this is another major red flag. You shouldn’t be struggling to get business, and you shouldn’t be struggling to keep your earnings.  This is one issue that is a sign that your current methods will waste, even if you did your best to prepare accordingly.  Check out your finances and see for yourself if you find yourself in this position. 

How Do I Change Strategies? 

If you want to change your strategies and stop wasting your time, you will need a professional and someone who is well versed in digital marketing.  The future is with digital marketing, so it is essential to make the shift now! Find out how you can get a guaranteed 30+ pre-qualified and book mortgage consultations every month.  It is not impossible—all you have to do is have the right connections and support! Check out our exclusive mortgage broker system to learn more and bring your mortgage marketing tactics to the future.