Why You Need A New Digital Storefront

1822, The Babbage Difference Engine, was the first computer ever made. It weighed over 700 pounds. 1944, IBM made the Harvard Mark I. It was more than 50 feet long, weighing five(5) tons. Fast Forward to 2022 and everyone carries a computer that is a million times more powerful – right in their pocket!

Technology has grown exponentially year to year, And with it, so have the habits of the consumers. This means that the average person no longer walks down the street looking at storefronts to decide where to shop. We all have the normal stores that we all shop at for our day-to-day needs. However, with the advent of the smartphone, online stores, and especially post-covid your customers are shopping online for more and more services.

Many businesses have moved to work out of a home office and no longer have a storefront to do the passive advertising that they once performed. Tv commercials and radio ads are great and work well, but are quite costly. So what are we to do about it??? Sales are down, word of mouth is down, how do you get your name in front of the right consumers, your potential customers?

Solution: That little super-powerful computer in your hand! The mobile phone.

Yes. The very same device that you may be reading this very article on right now is where consumers are looking for answers. It is no state secret that people are dependent if not addicted to their devices.

What should you do in response to this phenomenon? Wait for it… You put your storefront online! Building a mobile-friendly website that is aligned with the culture and goals of your small business gives your consumers something to rave about. Through keyword targeting and best Search Engine Optimization practices you could even get your name in front of the exact type of individuals that are your best customers. Potentially earning repeat business from the people you enjoy working with most.

Let’s do a quick test to see how ready you are to make the change to a modernized web design. Take a look at these next three questions:

  1. Are you prepared to hire more people?
  2. Are you ready to be so busy that you don’t know what to do with your time?
  3. Are you ready to sit back and watch the checks roll in?

If you answered yes to just one of those three questions then you are just the right kind of person that can succeed in the digital space.

Here at Neuweb Marketing, it is our job to help your business succeed. When you succeed we do too. If you find yourself in need of a team to help guide your small business in the right direction, contact us for a hassle-free consultation. We’ll make sure you are on the right track for scaling profits, saving time, and building lasting customer relationships.