How To Get Your Small Business Seen On Google

So you have started wondering, why doesn’t my business show up on google when customer search for it? Google is by far the largest provider of internet searches with over 5.6 Billion searches being made every single day by local users. 

As part of their stated mission to help small businesses as a platform, they provide you with your business profile. This feature used to be called GoogleMyBusiness. Let’s explore this refreshed tool.

What is Google Business Profile?

The Google Business Profile is a free online listing provided by the search engine and is an excellent way to start building your presence online. Any business that serves customers at a physical location or in a service area can use this feature. If you only do online selling then there isn’t much you can do with Google Business Profile.

Do You Need a Google Account?

You do not need a Google Business Account to be a legitimate business online. However, the public perception of your business online will be more illegitimate when they see your information is unverified. Anyone can add local business information to Google until it has been claimed. Chances are you already have a profile and don’t know it.

Get Your Business Discovered On Google

By claiming a Google business profile you are validating your business with the search engine. Filling out all important information and verifying your profile can have immediate effects on the search results depending on how many competitors are in your immediate area. The more optimization you do to your profile the more it will help your SEO and map rankings as well. 

Take Control Over Your Online Info

The number one place people look to figure out if a business is open or what their contact information is… you guessed it! Google Business Profiles. Once your profile is verified you can update and change your business info as often as needed and when people search for your services they will see the correct information. If you choose not to claim your profile, anyone could potentially suggest edits and change the perception of your business.

Reviews Are A Powerful Selling Point

Have you ever looked up the ratings for local restaurants before making a reservation? Well, your customers do the same thing with your business when looking for a vendor online. They compare you to whoever else they find. The more reviews you have on google the more selling power you will have with new prospects. Make your good work bring in good business by sending customers to leave reviews on your Google business profile.

How To Claim Your Google Business Profile

  • Step 1: Sign in to Google Business Profile Manager
  • Step 2: Add Your Business Name & Category
  • Step 3: Enter A Physical Address Or Select Service Areas
  • Step 4: Fill Out All Contact Information Possible
  • Step 5: Verify Your Business Via Phone or Mail
  • Step 6: Optimize Your Profile For Your Users

Regularly Update For Best Results

Your Google listing is strongest when you are regularly publishing updates, changes in hours and holiday deals, etc… You want to show a recently engaging activity that signals to the search engine that people enjoy what you offer.