Your Lawn Needs a Little TLC!


Thompson Lawn Care – Charlotte, MI

Thompson Lawn Care is a local mowing, fertilization, and snow removal company based in Charlotte, MI. Nick first approached NeuWeb with an interest in revamping their website to look more modern and actually reflect the nature of the company. He commented “our website just doesn’t feel like Thompson’s… It feel generic.” We took this into consideration when designing the new website and decided that lots of custom imagery and video would make a world of difference.

We launched the new website as well as a monthly social media plan to grow organic reach and the results were astounding! Within one month we had almost tripled the amount of interaction with the Thompson grand. Shortly after we also launched a Facebook advertising campaign and was able to get 12 leads on just 6 days! Paying off the cost of the website almost immediately.

We enjoy working with Thompson’s and couldn’t recommend a better lawn care provider in West Michigan.

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