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Patten’s Michigan Monument Company

Patten’s Michigan Monuments is a monument maker located in Hastings Michigan with locations across West Michigan. this family owned business started in 1917 and has survived the great depression and is now in the fourth generation of the Patten’s legacy.  They faced many challenges when they came to us. With virtually no web presence or marketing/sales strategy in place, we created a digital system that actually serves as the backbone of who we are today.

Along the journey with this amazing company we have faced such challenges as outranking competitors with the same name, creating a viral video that became a massive source of new business, and implementing consistent and scalable marketing tactics into their overall business model. When you experience a loss of life you want to deal with reasonable people. Patten’s is so much more. Personal, friendly, caring, compassionate, everything you want from someone designing the memorial of a life well lived.

Working With Patten’s We’ve been able to build an unlimited lead source strictly through content marketing and SEO. No paid ads whatsoever! We’ve been able to outrank every competitor and show up top of search results for multiple categories. Hard work pays off and here’s the proof!

  • Smarter Web Design

  • CRM Nurture System

  • Content Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Local Listing Mgmt

  • Lead Generation

  • Appointment Booking

  • Advanced Analytics & Resources

Impressive Results

Over the last 5 years we’ve become amazing partners with this local company and have seen some super results. Increasing annual revenue and helping expand sales teams. Check it out!

New Audience Views
Clicks To Website
Ranking Improvement
Qualified Leads
Booked Appointments
New Jobs
Customer Trust

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