10 Easy To Use Social Media Tips For Roofers

Are you a Roofing Contractor or in the Roofing business and looking to grow it to the next level? This is just the place for you. Here we shall tell you how you can best use social media to get the best result and grow your business further.

Social media for roofers is a goldmine because the average user spends 28% of their online time on social media.

Roofers must be watchful and produce content that distinguishes them from the competition while engaging audiences. After all, we are talking about a $51 billion industry in the US, the most physically demanding job demanding in the US.

So below are the easy-to-use tips on Social Media For Roofers.


Planning is the first and foremost step. Making a plan that details your strategies and objectives for each social media platform is a beautiful approach to getting things started. Companies should first decide what goals or benchmarks they aim to reach. Then, schedule all the tasks related to social media.

You are deciding how your business will seem online, so make sure someone you trust and who has a regular posting schedule is in charge of your social media presence. Posting once a week for four weeks is considerably more effective than posting four times in one week, then not posting for several months.

Social Media Tips For Roofers - Video

Use Pictures and Videos

Publishing photographs and videos are essential to reaching your audience.
Share pictures of recent projects you’ve completed on social media, especially if the homeowner you worked with can give brief feedback and a task description. Images showing teams at work, favorite tools, and before and after construction photos will significantly influence. In addition, social media for roofers will benefit if they stream videos.

Time-lapse recordings of construction, instructional videos, and videos of work hacks will maintain a larger audience, after all, seeing is believing!

Repurposing Old Content

Social media for roofers will help only if they update their content regularly. Produce informational articles for your audience. Find out what your followers like about project profiles, valuable hints, how-to videos, and new goods you’re utilizing. Take your outdated content, breathe new life into it, and produce brand-new content. Repurpose existing content and share it on social media to gain new followers. Social media platforms often ignore helpful information, so consider updating it and re-sharing it later.

Social Media Tips For Roofers - Example

Get Creative

Finding creative ways and sharing your content is a beautiful strategy to boost client engagement.

Social media for roofers is beneficial if they rely on home shows as a marketing technique, as their presentations provide you a chance to speak with homeowners directly. Still, they also give you a chance to generate quality leads.

Holding contests and giveaways are more popular because they impact the audience more. Similar to it, you can promote and then carry out local events.

Posting about events you have attended or even sponsored will demonstrate your involvement in the community.

Make mention of any of your job done where you and your team would have thought out of the box to complete the assignment.

Promotions, CTAs and Advertising

Promotions are the most crucial part of the marketing process.
Remind your clients to visit your website, follow your other social media accounts, and share your posts with their followers. For example, let your Facebook followers know that you’re active on Twitter, or your Twitter followers know that you’re active on LinkedIn by using postings with calls to action (CTAs). In addition, you can experiment with ads if you want to improve your roofing company’s chances of success on social media.

Get a good knowledge of different types of advertisements and postings available on different platforms. Run campaigns and keep refining them by monitoring results and making appropriate changes. This is going to help you in getting good leads.

Get Noticed

Social media for roofers would help if you researched the words and phrases that best describe what consumers are looking for, such as roofing services.

Using keywords will support your marketing and promotion activities. For example, using a hashtag can help you get people’s attention. In addition, consider using attractive headlines, punchlines, and valuable content. Finally, your copywriting should quickly and succinctly lure your target audience to your roofing services. For example, to make a positive impression on the audience, ask the original owner to share pictures and re-share them with relevant material.

Social Media Tips For Roofers - platforms

Right Platform and The Right Audience

Social media for roofers is only helpful if they select the right platform and audience. Use Facebook and Instagram mainly if your business specializes in residential roofing.
Most homeowners spend their time on these sites since they have the most active user bases.

However, it would help if you were on LinkedIn and Twitter to target building owners or property managers. All commercial real estate firms and the executive members of their teams are present on these two social media platforms, which are geared toward B2B strategies.

The right platform to target the right audience will surely help you minimize lead wastage.

Social Interactions

Try to stay more and more social. Be sure to actively share, like, and interact with information from other partners and organizations. Leave a comment if someone mentions your business or roofing in general. Make sure to answer any questions posed to you, and appreciate them for their kind words.

And it’s much more crucial to reply when reviews aren’t all that positive. Leave public remarks on unfavorable reviews, apologize for the customer’s difficulty, and send them a private message to work things out. The image of your client service will be fantastic!

Social Media Tips For Roofers - blog post

Content postings

People decide whether to connect with your post or move on to the next one in an average of 3 seconds, so valuable content is crucial to your roofing company’s marketing strategy.

First, you need to have a sound content library. Then, use the content calendar to schedule all the postings. Do the postings manually or use a Social media management tool to post the contents periodically without delays. Finally, make sure to use fresh content regularly.

These are the essential things of social media for roofers. Fresh and updated content is just like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Even if one flower is not fresh, the entire bouquet goes to waste.

Keep Tabs On Competitors

Social media for roofers is helpful if they keep tabs on the various strategies and platforms your rivals are employing.

You can develop insightful content on subjects you may not have considered before by keeping an eye on your competitors.

New trends are constantly appearing, and it is continually changing. Therefore, roofers must keep themselves informed and updated on pressing social trends.


Customers will always choose your roofing company when looking for your service online if it is easy to connect via social media, is interactive, and has attractive, useful & engaging content. Additionally, it increases brand recognition and enables your target market to identify you as a leading brand. When used effectively, these social media for roofers tips can increase SEO rankings, produce more leads, and attract niche audiences. Hope this article would be of good use to you. Enjoy growing ahead!

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