9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Website Design

Happy Thursday everybody! Today we’re going to talk about nine web design stats that will blow your mind.

when it comes to your web design, it is important to know how people think and how they interact with websites, when you go to design your own website.

So lets take a look at these 9 simple statistics on how people use websites and how important it is to have good web design built into your strategy.

1. It Takes 5 Seconds For A User To Form An Opinion Of Your Website

It takes but a matter of seconds for the human brain to process what they first see when they land on your website, and form an opinion about what that says about you. Is it attractive? Old? Out of date?

2. 38% Of Users Will Stop Engaging With The Website If It Is A Bad Experience

Around 38% of those who land on any given website already have decided in those first seconds whether or not they trust the brand. Capture their attention with a beautiful design and make sure your important information is presented up front.

3. 75% of Consumers Will Judge A Businesses Credibility Based On Their Website Design

Not only do users judge your brand presentation almost instantaneously but they also associate that impression with your entire operation. If your website looks like you built it for no reason then they assume you don’t care about their experience with your services either.

When you meet your customers where they are at in a professional manner it plays an important role in building early trust with your prospects.

4. 88% of Consumers Will Not Return After A Bad Experience.

Your website has to serve the needs of your customers first and provide massive value to the end user. If it does not feel trustworthy they could end up going to a competitor that has a better online presentation even if you are the better service provider.

5. 94% Of Negative Feedback Is Design Related.

Much of the negative feedback given by consumers has to do with the presentation of the brand. Consumers tend to ignore the quality of service, price, and even the beneficial features given to them if the brand doesn’t speak to their interests and needs. Your Website design needs to meet professional expectations of your customers.

6. 85% Of Adults Say Your Website Mobile Version Should Look Better Than Desktop.

Mobile responsive design is almost 10 years old. You have to have a mobile friendly website. There are no if ands of buts about it! People use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices as a gateway of knowledge and your business has the opportunity to be where they are and look good doing it.

7. 64% Of All Homepage Visitors Want To See Your Contact Information.

Why are your prospects looking you up online? They want to contact you! So make it available to them. Have it on the footer of your website and place easy to recognize numbers and buttons that lead users to want to click.

8. 82% Of Users Feel More Comfortable With A Company That Creates Custom Content.

Using common templates and stock imagery just doesn’t cut it anymore. People are aware of the shortcuts marketing teams take and they want to see a more personalized effort from the places they do business with. Make yourself an authority on the things you do best to win their trust.

9. Peer Created Content Is Less Likely To Be Questioned.

Peer created content is material created by other customers. These can come in the form of testimonials, unboxings, video reviews and much more by your fans and customers. Find ways to leverage user generated content to add more authority to your website.