MiRoof – Caledonia, Michigan

When MiRoof first came to us to get help with their marketing efforts they were literally starting at ground zero. With only a year in business under their belt they wanted to aggressively grow their market share and start selling more shingle roofs and repair jobs. Jon Perry(owner), expressed to us that he wanted to look professional but not follow the same tactics as every other roofer. His company was founded on doing right by the homeowner no matter what and really taking the time to listen. So we got straight to work creating his brand and marketing message.

New Website

MiRoof did not have a web presence at all when they came to us so we design and launched a competitive roofing website with a singular focus. Get people to fill out a contact form. Within two days of launching the website it had already earned 3 leads. View the project here. 

Targetted Facebook Ads

In order to achieve MiRoof’s goals of booking out their entire summer, we put together a comprehensive Facebook campaign for targeting their local service area with hailstorm and roof damage ads. We ran these ads during and after major weather events for one month and ended up generating 44 qualified leads in ONE MONTH, and a handful of referrals leading to 27 booked jobs in total.

Lead Tracking System

Another problem we solved for MiRoof is being able to track, manage, and invoice leads all from one dashboard. By implementing our proprietary CRM software we design and full follow up system so that no lead went unnoticed or left out in the dark. Each lead received a welcome package email as well as more information on roofing projects to build trust and prep them for the sale. Leads could book directly on MiRoof’s calendar and be handed over to the team for closing.


MiRoof has been very pleased with the outcome of this campaign and is continuing to work with us on future developments, campaigns, and SEO efforts as we work to grow their brand in west Michigan.

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