Why Your Website Might Actually Be Hurting Your Business.

“I’ve already got a website,” is a phrase I hear often when talking to prospective clients. While I’m still smiling on the outside, my internal eye for design is cringing in agony. Why? Because I’ve seen their website and it looks like it fell off the apple cart and landed somewhere in late 1998. I’m not trying to be facetious, just realistic. Why are these very intelligent, successful business owners okay with having a poor quality website? The reason is that they just aren’t sure what makes a good web design and how the industry has evolved into the beast it is today. So lets look at a few reasons why your website might actually be hurting your business.

Outdated Design

The number one reason websites fail is because of an outdated design that distracts the customer from the marketing message. A web page used to be just that. A page on the web and nothing more. Then it became something out of a horror movie with flash animation and bright colors all over the place. Next, the web got sophisticated. Brochure sites of several pages of almost print like designs that explained everything you did and how to contact you. Finally, we come to today where web design is an art form in and of itself. Websites literally come to life. The scope of web design has changed and will continue to change as technology progresses. An effective website offers a unique user experience coupled with strong visuals and a clear and concise marketing message. They are lead generating machines when built and maintained correctly. Yes, I said maintained. Which brings me to my next point.

Poor Maintenance

Your website is crucial to your success. If it is going to be an automated machine, or an online storefront for your business, it needs to be maintained like any other asset. I can’t tell you the amount of people I’ve talked to that have said, “They didn’t post anything new for 3 months so I went to a different site.” You wouldn’t keep going back to the movie theater if they always showed the same movie, right? It’s the same thing with your website. If you don’t add any value to the consumer on a consistent basis then you might as well sell your domain. Creating content like whitepapers, videos, or blog posts and releasing new products or promotions will retain more viewers and generate more leads consistently because they have something to come back to.

Why Your Website Might Actually Be Hurting Your BusinessMobile Responsiveness

I was talking to a client the other day about the difference between mobile responsive and mobile friendly websites. The major difference is that mobile responsive conforms to the width of the browser on all devices whereas mobile friendly only serves up a fixed size for either desktop or mobile. With over 65% of all web traffic coming from smart phones and another 15% from tablets and reader devices, you can’t afford not to be mobile responsive. Having a site that is only one size on every device turns away more potential buyers than anything else. Its like having a live gargoyle standing in the doorway of your store. Nobody’s coming in.

Necessities Of A Good Web Design

Having all the necessary components will turn your frustrations in online marketing into a success.

  • Clean and modern design that leaves a great first impression.
  • Easy to use, intuitive navigation.
  • Responsive for mobile.
  • Emotionally driven imagery that tells a story.
  • Well crafted branding and logo that affirms your business image.
  • Contact forms and information placed in strategic locations.
  • Content offers and a valuable information stream.

All these components work together to engage the user, enforce your brand, make a meaningful connection, and generate a positive experience that results in leads and sales.


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