Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs More Than A Website.

Where’s the traffic?

Pretend for just a moment your back in junior high and its a sweltering hot summer. Being an ambitious kid you decide to open a lemonade stand in front of your house. You get fresh lemons, and build an amazing looking lemonade stand. I mean this thing is killer! Problem is, you live way out in the country and there isn’t a lot of traffic to see your operation. I hate to break it to ya kid but you’re not going to be able to buy a new bike like that.

If your a business owner in the modern age, you know the importance of having a website but often times it ends up being like the lemonade stand in the middle of nowhere. I’ve seen hundreds of business owners invest in a beautiful web design only to be frustrated by the fact that they don’t make any sales or collect any leads. So what now?

Attracting the right people.

If you want to sell lemonade, you’ve got to attract people to your location, or move your location to the people. So how do you get people to see your amazing offer and ultimately convert through your website? The key is having a complete strategy around your website. Have you heard of Inbound Marketing? Inbound is a complete digital marketing strategy that focuses on attracting, converting, and delighting your ideal customers through your online presence.

Everyone goes through a mental process of researching and choosing the right solutions to their problems. The internet has made it possible for individuals to complete this buyer journey completely online. Did you know that 68% of people do this research before even talking to a sales rep or reaching out to a company? That makes it tough to win new customers. Especially if you are a relatively new business.

Build Trust and Win Business!

If you want to see the big numbers coming out of your web presence then you’ve got to get found by your ideal customers early on in their research process. How do you do this? Content. Think about the questions your ideal customers will be asking when they are first discovering that they have a problem that your business solves. Write articles and promote social media posts that answer these questions and give upfront value to the customer. This begins to build trust in the buyer’s mind.

Statistics say that it take 7-11 touch points before the average consumer makes a purchasing decision. How do you get your marketing message into those touch points? Your website is the primary content hub that should have helpful resources, but in order to win that final sale you need to push that content out through social channels, have an email marketing campaign that builds relationship, and finally have a traffic driving source to get as many people in front of your content as possible.

Completing the Strategy.

A strategy that works to grow your business involves 5 key points:

  1. Business strategy – Knowing your brand, your message, and your target audience.
  2. Website – a place for valuable content and helpful resources that work to convert leads and add value to the customer.
  3. Social Media – A place for community and content to be shared. this is where word of mouth happens.
  4. Follow-up process – email marketing, newsletters, and text campaigns help nurture the leads.
  5. Traffic – Driving traffic via paid ads or SEO/Content creation get people in front of your brand.

When these five elements are working together its like rolling down the busiest street in Las Vegas with a lemonade truck in the middle of august. You’ve got the winning formula for growing your business.┬áThat is Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs More Than A Website.

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