Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

So, the holidays are over and we are finally settling into the business of 2019. This is the perfect time to update your current strategies with the new trends. It is no secret to anyone that the world of digital marketing is evolving rapidly.

It is a dynamic and constantly changing industry where technology is taking more and more space. That is why you should constantly immerse yourself in the innovations and tools that can make everything much easier.

To stay innovative, you have to stand out from the competition and for that you must plan the next strategies of your business by aligning with the digital marketing trends 2019 has to offer. Remember that only brands that can adapt to these new scenarios will be able to survive in the market.

Here are the top digital marketing trends 2019 has in stock for us:

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are like two sides of the same coin, and they are going to be flipped a lot this year. So, why not go for both?

Virtual reality involves the interaction between the user and a computer system simulating a digital environment. It “transports” the user into a virtual world. On the other hand, augmented reality helps “transport” objects into a real-life setting. With it, you can see how well an object would look in a place.

These technological developments have been associated with movies or video games for a long time. Now, virtual and augmented reality can be used to influence a consumer’s purchasing decision.

They are already being used as marketing strategies by large companies. However, there are more and more programs accessible to small companies that seek to achieve objectives such as:

  • Generate immersion and interaction between the brand and the client.
  • Enable the customer’s experience of a product or service from the digital and distance environment.
  • Present prototypes or semi-finished products to an audience.
  • Capture clients interested in the technological field.
  • Show the world how innovative your brand is.

Voice Search

Regarding digital marketing, one of the biggest wave will be the smart home devices that have taken over the market. We are talking about Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod that are increasingly entrenched in this field. These devices would be contributing greatly to marketing and advertising, as we explore more.

The voice command technologies of these tools transform user behavior. Humans now have less time to type the information you need in the search engine of the smartphone. We now prefer to ask with our voice. What does this mean for your marketing? In 2019, your business should focus its efforts on improving the consumer experience related to voice search.

The search by voice is vital to your SEO strategy, since it is one of the variables to consider if you want to properly position your brand. Search engines not only interpret the meaning of the words, but also the intention and context behind each search.

Google’s algorithm is giving importance to voice searches. This is because we are more detailed when it comes to conducting a spoken search than written.


Chatting is one of the preferred ways for users to contact companies. Of course, this is as long as it is a quality service that works and not those where you can spend days waiting for an answer. As a business, leaving this feature aside within your website can be a terrible idea for 2019.

Many companies are using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business. These messaging applications are connected to chatbots, which are computer tools that simulate human conversations.

Through a chatbot, you can automate tasks that are repetitive and rigid, and also respond to common queries. This gives you more time to focus on areas of greater importance in the company.

We usually see chatbot on product pages where we ask for some type of merchandise and the chatbot responds by sending us the link to the section of the page where they are or redirecting us to a section of “frequently asked questions”.

With artificial intelligence, chatbots are diversifying, adapting to different ways of asking questions. Define what the goal of your chatbot will be for 2019 and integrate it with applications such as Facebook to increase your sales.

Video Marketing

Everything indicates that in 2019 the use of video will be intensified and developed in marketing campaigns. This shouldn’t even be a surprise, since users have been known to warm up a lot to video contents. Check a lot of social media channels today, and you’ll notice the clear sign that videos are taking over.

Video content has a great impact and add value to the user. They facilitate interactivity with users and improve engagement between brand and customer. They are a format of great consumption on the internet in all types of connection devices. The use of video is a favorable factor for organic positioning (SEO).

The potential at the level of visibility of video pieces in social networks and online platforms is very remarkable. Social media platforms are ranking video contents above any other type of content. Naturally, any business trying to ride on the wave of the digital marketing trends 2019 has for us must put in some work in this regard.

As great as video is, you can take it further with live videos. Since more people are seeing the benefits of video marketing, you can show greater commitment by combining standard video marketing with live Q&As, behind-the-scenes, and a lot of great, fun content.

Context Marketing

If content marketing is great, context marketing is greater in 2019. Context marketing is becoming much more relevant than ever as personalization becomes more vital in marketing, because new technologies now allow more precise audience analysis.

Thanks to this, it is possible to present timely contents to the right user at the right time. Knowing the audience and making proper use of the data in favor of a greater personalization of the contents will be the key. Recall that the difference between content marketing and context marketing is in the degree of personalization that the second requires.

Being able to customize offers according to each consumer is the great challenge to achieve by 2019. In fact, the goal is to recognize the user when interacting in different broadcast channels such as:

  • Social networks.
  • Online store.
  • Offline points of sale and distributors.

Personalizing how you relate with customers can be influenced by a whole lot of indicators such as the recurrence of purchase, average cart price and the level of recommendation of current customers to potential customers. The whole idea of personalization is to improve relevance, thereby increasing the chances of sales.

In this area, strategies and tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will take much more prominence. This is due to the facilities they offer to manage centrally large volumes of data related to customers. It is about knowing the audience and managing their data properly to achieve greater personalization of the contents.

With solid context marketing in place, the CRM software will help to segment not only customers but prospects to offer an increasingly personalized approach. The work teams of your company will be able to carry out enhanced and more effective marketing strategies.

Fast Content For Fast Users

The dizzying escalation of the mobile phone to become the main Internet access mode affects, much, the way in which the user makes queries and consumes content. The ubiquity of the smartphone means that we consume content almost anywhere, anytime and, in many cases, while doing another task.

That is why the time per session is slim. In many cases, the user accesses only a few minutes and expects to be able to consume content in a fast, pleasant and simple way. In a context governed by the micro moments that we dedicate to information and leisure, fast content is presented as one of the most important trends in digital marketing 2019.

Companies must use their creativity and ability to create content that retains an audience that is difficult to captivate and that consumes content quickly. The key is to use brief content that is attractive and impacts at the same time. Make sure it is interactive and allows the user to engage. This will boost the presence of your brand and the CTR (Click Through Rate).
The fast-content revolution began with Snapchat. Later, Facebook would follow the trend with its Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Then, Google stepped into the game with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Now, we have the PWA (Progressive Web Apps).
PWA is the blend of your standard web content and a native app. It is fast, intuitive, and user-friendly. Of course, you do not have to associate speed with low quality. Fast content has nothing to do with fast food. In this case, in addition to being fast, your content must be “nutritious” to meet the user’s information or leisure needs.

Influencer Marketing

The influencers are the celebrities of the virtual world. Their channels on YouTube or Instagram have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and loyal followers. They are characterized by having a great charisma and appeal, being able to generate opinion and create trends.

Therefore, the simple appearance of some of them with a garment of a specific brand may increase sales due to the effect of many of their followers. And the same goes for a good review of an article or service.

The best way to milk this digital marketing trend is to focus on local influencers. These are influencers who have followers that live close to your business, especially if your business is local. They also include influencers who would find your products and services relevant.
Your success with this strategy will hinge on your ability to identify and use influencers that add value to a brand because users feel identified with the character and not so much by more general criteria such as the number of followers of their channel. In other words: quality will also prevail over quantity on the issue of influencers.

The campaigns of this type will be focused mainly on achieving engagement with users, seeking collaboration and the creation of positive synergies between brand, influencer and client.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation not only helps reduce costs, but also allows a more global vision to make better decisions. Marketing automation is one of the digital marketing trends 2019 will be exploring to a greater degree than in the past.

The main areas in which to apply marketing automation are the generation of engagement with the product, the automation of repetitive marketing processes, and machine learning based on data (lead nurturing and lead scoring).

Thus, email campaigns, re-targeting, autoresponders, lead segmentation and tagging are all tasks that will highly benefit from an adequate process of marketing automation.


To define what digital marketing trends your business needs, it is necessary to draw the objectives you want to achieve by 2019. The nature of your product or service also plays a fundamental role when choosing the strategy.

This will be an exciting era for digital marketing, where AI, automation and the internet of things will test the technological innovation capacity of small, medium and large companies.
Also, the smartphone will remain the central character in your promotion strategies. This means that all efforts must continue to be mobile-oriented. Invest resources in adapting your business as much as possible to this device. A lot will unfold this year, and we have provided you the necessary resources to help you position yourself for a big win.

Go for it!