The Top 10 Websites To List Your Residential Contractor Business


Digital marketing is an extremely effective channel for all local businesses, especially residential contractors. Do you own a contracting business? We’ve put together a list of the top local search websites that you should get your business listed on. Doing this will get you more exposure online, increase lead generation opportunities, and help your website’s SEO for higher rankings.

Table of Contents

  • Where Should You List Your Residential Contractor Business?
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Houzz
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Bing Places
  • YP
  • SuperPages

Where Should You List Your Residential Contractor Business Online?

First things first. You need to have your business information listed on your website. If you don’t you are losing out on easy rankings. Many potential customers cross-reference business listings that they find with your website to verify your consistency across different sites.  Having your contact information tucked nicely into your website’s footer is a great place to be consistent with your information and make it easy to find. We know how time-consuming digital marketing can be for a business owner. If you are short on time, here are the highest quality websites to prioritize to get your contracting business listed and growing your results fast.

The Top 10 Websites To List Your Residential Contractor Business:

Google My Business

All local business, especially contractors, should verify their free Google business listing. You can do that at The process is quick and easy. Since everyone uses Google, and Google owns this listing service, you will want to verify this listing and keep it up-to-date regularly. Verifying your Google listing will help your business get in front of more local searches. This translates to more potential customers from Google Maps and Google Search. Your Google business listing will also strongly supplement your website’s SEO and Content strategy. Now that you are all setup you can begin collecting reviews and increasing your brand reputation online.


Did you know that Yelp controls the largest volume of search engine traffic for the keyword “contractor?” Yelp receives roughly 28-31 million visitors every single month from search traffic. This makes Yelp a “no-brainer” for residential contractors looking for new business. Building back-links from third party sites with extremely high authority such as Yelp, are a fantastic way to grow your organic SEO results.

Angie’s List

This website is another great pick in the list above – Angie’s List. This high authority site brings in about 4-5 million in user traffic per month! This is another site where it is easy to get in front of new users and get the exposure you are looking for online. Angie’s List also allows you to gather customer reviews.

Pro Tip: Google Business listings sometimes grab reviews from other sources. Having consistent good reviews will help you rank higher and capture more leads.


Here comes Houzz! This a website primarily dedicated to listing home improvement professionals just like you! You can start with a free professional profile without paying for the full features, though you may want to consider upgrading if its a good fit for your business. Houzz attracts 4-6 million users monthly and is adept and placing your business in front of a highly targeted audience for your services. Having photos is a must for this listing and we suggest documenting different jobs and having a professional take photos for each one.


HomeAdvisor is a very popular site and one of the fastest growing platforms to get listed on as a residential contractor. On average, their overall website traffic is close to 2-3 million each month. HomeAdvisor makes it easy for you to do your own marketing. based on your overall goals and growth of your company, this may be a great place to advertise for some quick wins. Aside from the listing and advertising benefits, HomeAdvisor also allows you to gather leads and is another source from which Google pulls recommendations.


Facebook as a platform doesn’t gear itself towards contractors as a specialty, but it is the highest trafficked source of interest based users in the world. If you haven’t, go create a Facebook business page at right now! Seriously. Do it…. Okay, so because Facebook is such a highly sought after site, the signals it sends to search engines, helps your rankings go through the roof. This is a must for all businesses. Facebook is a great place to build a community around your brand and build massive reputation with your audience.


LinkedIn now allows businesses to signup similar to a Google and Facebook. They have recently rolled out a bunch of new features for customization and listing preferences. Here, your visitors can follow your page and engage with the content your publish. Because many of these features are new, this is a gold mine for businesses to attract a good following simply by posting a company update every day. Go ahead try it!

Bing Places

As the Microsoft platforms continue to be a much used tool by those yet to discover Google… it is an excellent place to have your business listed. Bing now makes it extremely easy. Simply create your Google Business profile first, and then when you log into your Bing account you can automatically sync all information to the Bing platform. Simply set it and forget it making your changes in Google only. If you have the app it’s even easier to verify without waiting for a postcard!

YP (Yellow Pages)

While I have never been a fan of YellowPages personally, it is still a much searched platform and a great place to list your residential contracting business. While it may not yield many results directly, the authority you gain for SEO by having your business listed is invaluable.


Another listing site similar to YellowPages, SuperPages also is a great authority building site to list your business on.

Local Listings For Residential Contractors

So there you have it! Those are the 10 websites that every residential contracting businesses should get listed on if they haven’t already! If you need help improving your contractor business SEO and local visibility online, Contact us at NeuWeb Marketing for more info and a free local SEO report. We can help you get listed on more sites and improve your local search presence.

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