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Web Design & Development

Visual Appeal

We strive for our websites to stand out above the competition. Engaging your viewers means being branded to appeal to your target audience,  simple & easy to navigate webpages, enhanced with transparent, emotionally driven, visual content.

From the initial consultation to the final launch date, we are constantly learning about your brand, your customers, and your industry so that in every visual aspect of your strategy we are conveying an accurate and meaningful message.

Powerful Platforms

Our Developers have a strong background of UX/UI design and several years experience with the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress makes it possible to build any type of website you can imagine at an affordable, versatile, and scale-able rate. Originally designed as a blogging platform, the php based, open source CMS rules over 30% of all websites on the net. This makes it a choice product for building your brand online.

Leveraging technologies is what we do The WordPress platform is also versatile for a thing called plugins. Plugins allow us to customize websites to add special features like facebook feeds, discussion forums, real estate listings, e-commerce stores, and much more. We’ve searched out the best ones and are fluent in finding the right solution for your online business.

Results Driven

Your success, is our success. Leaving you high and dry is NOT our goal. From start to finish our websites are built to be a valuable asset to your brand and successful in making sales or generating leads. As a bi-product we also expect to see larger brand engagement, exposure, and an increased interest in your brand among your followers.

The Excelevate Client Portal  (available for the first time this year!) Gives you access to all your services, training and how to for managing the WordPress platform with your new website. We are continually looking for way to make it easier for you to run the web and see results without being a tech guru.

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