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Property Management Company Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study

One way to understand how effective digital marketing works is to look at a case study of a successful digital campaign. The results NeuWeb achieved for Property Revolution offers an interesting look into the opportunity of online marketing channels – especially for those interested in service based business marketing case study examples.

Who is Property Revolution?

Property Management Company Digital Marketing Campaign Case StudyProperty Revolution is a full service property management solution company. Launched in 2017 by two brothers (Curt and Cody) with extensive experience in real estate and home improvement services. Combining their passions they service residential and commercial needs in home improvement, landscaping, lawn care, tree services, property management, and snow removal.

As they launched their company one of their greatest needs was to develop awareness around their brand which included an online presence. Setting up a basic Facebook page was the starting point and they hired NeuWeb Marketing to create a customized website to showcase their brand. However, they had not ventured into the world of online advertising right out of the gate.

The Challenge They Faced

After only a year and a half into their new business it was a total success but they still had plenty of room to grow and wanted to aggressively pursue more work in key areas that they found were their greatest strengths.

Curt approached Samuel at NeuWeb and ask if we could work with them to develop a winning online strategy. As part of our process at NeuWeb Marketing we sat down with them and dug deep into their challenges. We identified several key areas of focus.

  • Getting found in local search results outside of a 10mile radius for new work.
  • Obtaining more work for specific services that they wanted to grow in.
  • Getting more qualified leads through the website and other online channels.

These challenges are common to service based businesses and we were confident that we could develop a positive result through digital marketing.

Their Main Digital Marketing Objectives

Before starting any new project we take a complete snapshot of the client’s current situation. We review competitors, current marketing spend, successes, failures and listen to what the client wants to achieve. Any digital strategy must revolve around the client’s KPIs. If they don’t know what they are, we help define the right metrics to measure results.

In this case the internet marketing objectives were:

  • Broader brand awareness (Impressions)
  • Increase website traffic (Sessions)
  • Google Adwords (PPC) conversions (Cold traffic conversion rate.)
  • Landing page conversions (Warm traffic conversion rate)
  • Establish a profitable lead generation system (Number of leads/ ROI)
  • Better leads to sales conversion (Close rate)

Instead of marketing the full range of services, we decided to hone in on a specific area of opportunistic growth; tree services. We designed the landing page and digital ads to be very specific to homeowners needing tree removal and stump grinding within a 30 mile radius. This is a unique combination that many individual tree services do not offer and made it a more appealing offer.

Digital Strategy And Execution

1) Website design improvements

Before anything else, we needed to improve the website design and UX. Without a high performing and user friendly website, any efforts to obtain traffic and leads can be wasted. So, the first challenge was review the website to make sure it was going to convert in the first place.


Organic traffic and functionality of the site was in fairly good order since we had worked with them to develop it in the first place but we made some minor adjustments to the navigation and marketing message spread throughout the site.

This is what the homepage looked like after those improvements:

As you can notice, we zeroed in on what their potential customers would be looking for by immediately addressing their pain points which went hand in hand with the companies values. “ Efficient. Reliable. Quality.” All three of these words describe their services and are what homeowners are primarily looking for when they hire a company to do this kind of work.

Second of all we added a “GET A QUOTE TODAY” button to encourage users to take the next step in filling out a contact form where a representative could then follow up with the new lead. This Call to action was placed strategically throughout the site and on every service page.

These two minor adjustments were made to make the process of capturing qualified leads as easy and seamless as possible. We knew that once we started driving traffic to a landing page that we would also increase website traffic overall and wanted to make sure we were doing a good job of capturing everybody’s attention.

2) Landing Page Design

Now that the web design was in place we could begin driving targeted traffic to the site through paid, social and organic channels. Our strategy was designed to get fast results and in order to do that we decided to run targeted pay per click ads to a well designed landing page that was optimized for conversion.

In any digital marketing campaign that involves paid advertising with the intent of capturing leads, it is vital to have a strong landing page(s). We included key elements like:

  • Marketing Message
  • Benefits to the customer
  • professional video
  • reviews from past customers
  • compelling call to action.

Here is a snapshot of what part of the final landing page looked like:


3) Driving Qualified Traffic

The final stage of this campaign was to create Google (PPC) Ads that would be shown to the right individuals when they were searching for specific stump grinding and tree removal services. Driving highly targeted traffic and getting the traffic to convert is the biggest challenge for digital marketing agencies. Without taking the time to really understand the entire customer journey, there is much less of a chance of success. We spent several days digging into the analytics and search patterns to find the right terms and position Property Revolution in the right place among their competition.

Every week we monitored the amount of traffic and overall ad performance, making minor adjustments to improve outcomes. A/B Testing is an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Changing out low performing ads and gathering data allows for continual improvement, higher ROI, and more qualified traffic.

Digital Marketing Case Study – Results

Positive results for the business were soon evident, just 1 month after starting the campaign. Leading performance indicators from the website such as visits, new visitors, and returning visitors continue to trend upward as we’ll see shortly in the following graphs from this digital marketing case study.

This has led to a substantial increase in both leads generated, plus improvements in lead quality. Here are some stats for the first few months of the campaign.

  • 93% increase in page views
  • 90.7% increase in new visitors
  • 8 Leads Generated
  • 100% increase in conversion rate
  • 3,384 Impressions
  • 62 Clicks   (1.8% Cold Conversion Rate)
  • 8 leads   (12.9% Warm Conversion Rate)
  • $12,000 in verified revenue = 2181% ROI


Here is a chart showing the traffic increase over the first month of the campaign.

There is no doubt in our minds that this was a successful campaign. The guys at Property Revolution couldn’t be happier and are continuing to expand the results we got here into their social media channels as well. We achieved a positive result on all our original objectives and using the data we’ve collected we are now doubling down and expanding efforts into other channels.

Digital marketing works and it is clear to see through this case study just how big of an impact it can have on your business. The hardest part is getting the proof that it works. Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. These results are more than clear.

Are you thinking about doing some online advertising? If so then we would encourage you to reach out and we can have a free strategy session to help make sure you are on the right track and that your next campaign will be a success.