Project Description

Patten’s Michigan Monuments

Spring 2015

Project Type: Brand Development

Project URL:

Services: Web Design & Development, Creative Marketing, Visual Branding

Project Scope: From start to finish develop a cross platform marketing strategy, branding, and technologies that would work to add value to the brand, outrank competitors, and generate leads ultimately resulting in more sales.

Challenges: Starting from absolute scratch as a newbie in the field. Developing a look and style to the brand and writing brand standards. simplifying and creating sales & office tools/stationary. Tying together all facets of the business in one central location.

The Result: Patten’s is the crown jewel of our accomplishments. Samuel originally was on-boarded as an employee at Patten’s in the winter of 2014 where he worked 2 years developing the brand standards and processes that are in place today.

Ron, Mary, & Ryan had faith in my abilities and showed their support for my efforts even when mistakes were made along the way. I thank them for their patience, encouragement, and persistence in allow me to be a part of the wonderful work they do.” – Samuel Neudeck

Today Patten’s has pioneered the way for NeuWeb Marketing to have developed their proven and repeatable strategy that is the cornerstone of the company. The Patten’s site was successful in outranking major competitors, becoming an authoritative voice in their industry, generating over $10,000/mo with a 75% closing rate on leads, and creating a strong community of promoters of their 100 year old brand.

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