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With thousands of Small Businesses using our Proprietary CRM software, your about to gain access to the most powerful customer relationship and automation tools on the market! No more logging into every social media account to schedule a post or using third party apps and zaps to create a funnel. Schedule a free demo with us today and we’ll throw in a 14 day free trial! We’re confident you will love the experience.

Around sixty-four percent of consumers began using a new channel for customer service in 2022, and they like ongoing experiences across each platform.

, Zendesk

The effect of the COVID-19 in 2020 increased the demand for CRM substantially. Organizations needed a way to connect with their clients in the digital age. By 2028, CRM must be worth at least $128.97 billion globally.

, Fortune Business Insights

The median ROI on CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent –  This number has not been updated since 2014, but this number might have raised to an average of at least $30.48 for each dollar spent in 2021.

, Nucleus Research

Forty-seven percent of CRM users say CRM technology has a huge influence on their customer satisfaction rate. The most desired CRM features for the major results were social media prospecting tools and monitoring tools.

, Capterra

Eighty-seven percent of people surveyed mentioned that the major advantage of using a CRM application for their organization is improved sales.

, Super Office

The Problem You Are Experiencing

Most Small Businesses use the same outdated methods to grow their business as everybody else.
Yet, for some they reason expect to get different results than their peers.


The Easy Fix Solution

NeuWeb Marketing is a modern marketing agency that specializes in local small business marketing. Our mission is to empower small business owners to reach their fullest potential online and double or even triple their profits. All without cold calling, begging friends and networks for referrals, or just flat out coming across annoying. We do this with our comprehensive Proprietary CRM Software For Small Business.

CRM Software For Small Business

Pre-Qualified New Leads & Prospects

We verify each lead that comes through your funnel is exclusive to you and in the market for a your product or service. We use highly targeted data directly from Facebook and Google to identify active prospects looking for local small business solutions in your area.

More High Ticket Clients With Pre-Screening Surveys

You want “good” leads and customers. That means we have to close the gate a little by implementing a pre-qualification survey. Each lead goes through our disqualifying survey process which does two important things. Filters out the gawkers and uninterested prospects out and gives you all the information you need to close the deal with those who are ready to buy.

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Save Time & Effort With Automated Follow Up

Never miss another opportunity. From the first touchpoint all the way to close, we track every customer’s journey. Our system allows us to setup automated text messaging, emails, voicemail drops and direct calling on your behalf, completely done for you! Every lead is followed up with for you at least 15+ times in 90days.

Done For You Lead Booking And Sales Pipeline

Just give us the days and times you are available to take bookings and live calls and we can automatically book in appointments on your calendar. Stay busy with better quality leads and you will soon have a gold mine the others guys can scratch their heads at.

CRM Software For Small Business - pipeline

Put An End To The Drought.

Right now you can get the same systems, strategies, and software for your small business and scale your profits. With our Proprietary CRM Software you’ll have access to all the tools the big players use and other marketing teams have spent thousands if not millions to create.

spent the last seven years refining this system, generating thousands of leads and millions of dollars in closed deals for our small business clients around the U.S. Our funnels are time tested and ready to do work. It takes less than a minute to book your demo and you can test drive this system without risking any of your hard earned dollars.

Get 30 Leads In 60 Days Guaranteed Or We’ll Work For Free Till You Do!


What Our Small Business Partners Say About It

We love getting results and so far our partners have seen over over 3 million in revenue generated!

Our Proprietary CRM Software for Small Business is just one piece of the pie. Our partners enjoy working with us for our knowledge and expertise but also for the passion we put into each project.  We become your marketing guide and won’t stop until we’ve achieved your fullest potential. At NeuWeb we see you as more than partners. We are family.

“We saw leads coming in almost immediately and higher quality than we are used to.”

Curt Visser

Property Revolution

I can’t say enough about this program. It’s been fantastic.

John Foster

Home Mortgage Consultant

Sam has done a great job for me. He has built custom tools and targeted specific markets I want to grow in while avoiding others.

Eric Thompson

Home Mortgage Consultant

“My website paid for itself within the first month and a half when I started receiving requests for my service.”

Karen Scovie

Expert Home Staging Consultant

Before you say it’s not for you… this system works with Roofers, Home Improvement, Plumbers, Electricians, Home Loans, Real Estate, Home Staging, Dentists, Chiropractors, Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Auto Sales, Sports Clubs, and any other local business that needs customers. The bottom line is this; if your business thrives on a steady flow of qualified prospects through the doors, then this is the system for you.

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Where You May
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A Message To Small Business Owners

Dear Friends,

Do you ever feel like you are throwing away money trying to grow your local small business through digital marketing? You spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on tactics like Google ads, automated mailers, Email lists and inbox blasting, making a thousand little tweaks to your website hoping to rank just a little bit higher in search results. Maybe you’ve done some traditional marketing like radio or billboard ads but at the end of the day you don’t understand the numbers and what they all mean, you just know about what matters – getting more business and increasing the bottom line. You get disappointed with the results and wonder what’s the point? Does this even work? You’ve poured a lot of time and money into this operation. What you need is consistency. A steady flow of pre-qualified customers coming through the door. Yet, all you hear is crickets chirping in the background… and NO its not your ring tone. If that sounds like you, then listen close because you are going to want to hear this.

My name is Sam Neudeck.  My team and I speak with Small Business Owners almost every day that are fed up with some part of theirmarketing and sales efforts. They are sick and tired of wasting their time, energy, and good money on new advertising gimmicks that never seem to get the return they are looking for. Top players loom over the best of efforts like an ever present monster scooping up all your business. They may have even had thoughts like, “Is it even possible for small, independent business owner like me to compete in such a fierce marketplace?” and “with such a small amount of business coming in I can’t afford what I’m paying for ads. The marketing doesn’t work and I’m wasting too much time.” The Good news is that this simply isn’t true, and I’ll prove it.

Compete Using The Right Small Business Marketing Tactics

The Truth is you CAN compete with the big players. Not only that but you can beat them at their own game and unless you aren’t doing anything whatsoever, your marketing efforts are NOT broken. In fact they are an extremely valuable asset and could be producing 3-4x as many leads as they are now. You say how can that be? I definitely don’t have my phone ringing off the hook and I’ve almost spent my entire budget this month? The problem is that your leads are falling through the cracks right before they convert. Your digital ads are actually working! You could be converting 25-30% more volume but your prospects are skittish and leave your funnel just before contacting you.

Here’s why that is. The average small business website when you load it is a mess. Lets be honest.  Typically the navigation is hard to understand, spacing and text isn’t quite properly laid out, and there’s always pages upon pages of information that never seems to lead the prospect anywhere. They have buttons that go to the contact page but they get lost in the layouts.

Some have a large call to action to apply or download spammed all over the page and while you want new customers lets step back into the perspective of the user for just a second. When they first land on your homepage, they are searching for answers but they notice a ton of options and a scary contact button that they know will ask them about personal information… a sensitive subject for most people. Rather than being an enticing offer, it sets off a sense of alarm and caution in your visitors right off the bat. 

Lets say someone clicks through to the form.

Now they see a large wall of fields and information they have to dig out of their file cabinet or wallet in order to complete and they just plain quit on you. “This website is a little janky, am I about to fill out a phishing scam?” Essentially you are throwing all your effort into a prayer that each person that views your website is fully educated on the your process and knows what to expect next.

If this is your approach, potential clients will leave your website and never return in favor of the next business with a more approachable online experience.

See It From Their Eyes

Step into your prospective customer’s shoes for just one minute, they arrive at your website and they have no idea what to do first. For those first few seconds mean everything. The first impression of your website or landing page could send them running for the hills. 98% of users judge your entire credibility bas a small business based on your website. 

Instantly, their guard goes up. They start worrying about identity theft or getting hounded by overly aggressive sales people and newsletter day after day. Are they going to fill out that form, heck no. Not if you haven’t already spoken with them and told them to. Then that doesn’t mean that they’re not serious that just means your approaching them the wrong way and just like that you’ve lost yet another potential customer and by the way they’re never gonna call you to tell you this either. 

Now I promised some good news and here it is… 

There is an EASY FIX to this problem. You are going to see how simple it really is and why small businesses are chomping at the bit over this new approach. Let’s revisit our website example but this time imagine the user gets to the site and they’ve got a vision for who they want to work with. When they hit the landing page, instead of a bunch of throw up on a page with scary buttons, they see a clean simply design page with just a few easy to answer and relevant questions about their ideal product or service. They think, “wow, this is impressive – let’s see what they have to offer.” Just like that you are off to the races leading them down a customized journey to solve their problem. They now think “wow, that was fun and they aren’t really asking for too much up front.” They hit submit without ever thinking twice. Why?

Because they ACTUALLY FELT VALUED. They felt like they made progress and got closer achieving their dream.

I’ve been using this approach personally with clients and have tested it with small businesses across the United States over the last few years. This system has attracted over 2.5million dollars in revenue for some clients and is an absolute game changer for struggling independent businesses. I call this systematic approach “The Small Business Accelerator.” And it has consistently brought in way more leads than the traditional and outdated marketing methods most small business owners still use today. Many of our clients see 2-3 times more leads just getting started in the first month and even more when they utilize the full system. you know what’s even better? Many times they don’t have to change their current efforts or spend a single dime more on marketing. how does that sound?

I know, too good to be true? Maybe but stick with me… 

You are probably asking, But Sam, if this is such a revolutionary approach, then why isn’t every small business under the sun doing it this way? I say, “If it was easy to be an astronaut I’d probably have a business on mars.” In the same regard building a highly interactive funnel with surveys, landing pages, and automation is tough work! Its hard, Its expensive, and it can be flat out frustrating. Its no wonder only the biggest and most well funded companies have systems like these.

It’s their secret weapon and its been used by enterprise companies to propel them to the top and keep them there. They leverage their clout to snatch up all your prospects and offer extremely competitive rates and ranges of service to attract your would be customers.

Right now you can get the same systems, strategies, and software for your business and scale your profits. With our all new Small Business Accelerator you’ll have access to all the tools the big players use and other marketing teams have spent thousands if not millions to create. I’ve spent the last two years refining this system, generating thousands of leads and millions of dollars in closed loans for our clients around the U.S. Our funnels are time tested and ready to do work. It takes less than a minutes to book your demo and you can test drive this system without risking any of your hard earned dollars.

I sincerely hope to see you on the other side.

Sam Neudeck

President | NeuWeb Marketing

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