NeuWeb Marketing Expands To Help West Virginia Small Businesses

An Update From Our Management

NeuWeb Marketing is pleased to announce that we have decided to expand beyond our primary Michigan borders and put people on the ground in Charleston, West Virginia. We are strategically opening up a second location to help local West Virginian small businesses thrive and succeed in their marketing and sales efforts.

This decision comes shortly after bringing on James(JP) Hurn of Saint. Albans, WV on board as partner and Vice President of the company. JP is a successful business owner and entrepreneur with a passion for local business and will be taking over administrative responsibilities for NeuWeb. His love for sales and marketing has opened up new opportunities for the company in many regards and we are excited for this new venture as we build out a sales team.

Better Marketing Systems

Along with the change of leadership many of our services and policies are being updated as well. NeuWeb Marketing has long had the vision of becoming a modern agency that provides fast and effective growth solutions for small businesses. With our new Proprietary CRM and Marketing Automation Software, this is now possible for us as a company.

This milestone couldn’t have come at a better time. The economy is getting tougher and tougher to compete in and now is the time for local small businesses to step up their game and invest in digital marketing. We truly believe that most local businesses are struggling because of a lack of proven systems and strategies for both short and long term growth. We live in a new are of online transactions and those that fail to adapt will soon find themselves out of business.

Opportunity For West Virginia Small Business

We know that West Virginia is one of the greatest states for small businesses but often gets overlooked compared to other states with larger industrial infrastructures. This provides the perfect opportunity for local business owners to take advantage of online marketing tools and automation, scoop of their share of the local market, and get established before their competitors become wise to the idea.

Our Renewed Mission

NeuWeb acquired its first local client in 2014 and since then we’ve helped over 50 local small businesses across the U.S. with their online marketing efforts. We are proud to say that even though we’ve had some struggles over the years while researching and innovating our own business model; we’ve consistently shown exponential growth year over year and have never return a negative ROI for any of our clients. We plan on bringing an unprecedented work ethic and a long list of successful marketing experience to the table in order to fulfill our new vision in West Virginia.

With our new capabilities we can handle another 20-30 local companies and are now accepting partner applications via our website contact page. Schedule a consultation today.

Thank you to all our supporters, clients, family, and friends who have made this company what it is today. We wouldn’t be here without you. Community is what it is all about. Let’s grow together!


Sam Neudeck
President | NeuWeb Marketing