MailChimp Rebrand Overview

A quick look at the quirky new direction for the platform.

MailChimp Rebrand. Is it possible to make such a drastic change to the appearance of such a loved platform? I’ve been using MailChimp for years for email marketing purposes and automation. They have alway had the same fun-loving imagery and humorous messaging that we’ve all loved since it’s birth. I logged into the platform like I do everyday, and was amazed to see a bright yellow color scheme instead of the iconic light blue. I thought, “am I on the right website?” As I clicked around to see the new changes, it became evident that the new look & feel was much more dynamic than the first glance.


MailChimp RebrandColor Scheme

The biggest difference that is immediately recognize-able is the drastic change from the long-standing light blue to a brilliant yellow as the primary color for the brand. As this may have thrown some users off, this new color scheme is not at all a bad move for the company. Blue builds trust and makes a statement for innovative technology. The new yellow is an attempt to make the brand more relatable and loving. some may ask, “will this change the sentiment towards the platform for the better?” Possibly. At this point it is hard to tell but in my opinion it won’t change the effectiveness of the platform and they will continue to be an industry leader for email marketing.


MailChimp IconographyIconography

This was the biggest change across the board. The MailChimp rebrand involved a large overhaul of the imagery throughout the site and platform. With the refresh they moved from the humorous chimps and creatures to a rough sketch, pop-culture contemporary take on the iconography.

There are many quirky creatures and shapes that help frame the functionality of the platform and the branding team has done a great job of using these almost childlike drawing and animation to show the benefits of using MailChimp. For example this image of a mutant hand is used to give the idea that you can do more with your marketing and automation. Its like having a few extra thumbs!


MailChimp Logo Refresh

Freddie Logo & Typography

Another subtle but effective change is in the logo for the brand. The well-known “freddie” logo has been simplified for better use across platforms and applications. He’s changed from a full color, whimsical cartoon to a more refined black and white icon. The MailChimp rebrand also includes a bold new move in typography by using a 1920’s style font called Cooper Black. The idea is to make the brand feel more personal and connect with the users on a more one-to-one level.


What’s The Gist?

So is the rebrand good or bad? The conclusion lies in the purpose. Whenever your branding a business, you must establish goals. I believe MailChimp’s goal was to speak to their audience in a new and improved way. They’ve been around for 15+ years and it’s about time for a refresh. The new iconography is a visual language that conveys the message if the platform to the user. The new logo is simpler and easier to use. The font face is more personal and inviting. The color scheme is bold, yet warming.

All these things come together to help set them apart from other major tech companies that tend to rebrand into a refined corporate feel. It goes against the grain yet keeps that personal touch and humor that helped get them off the ground. In my book it’s a win and we’re looking forward to see how it impacts their platform in the long run.



for more information check out this article by FastCompany that takes an even deeper dive into the MailChimp rebrand.


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