Improving Your Social Media Presence

Keeping up with Improving Your Social Media Presence can be an all day task but there are several things you can do to make sure your accounts are working for you without taking up all your time. Preparing for the Spring/Summer sales seasons here are a few things you can do to consider when improving your social media presence make sure your engaging with your potential buyers and promoters.Improving Your Social Media Presence

1. Update Cover Photos to be Relevant to the Season and New Products.

Upload a photo that will connect with potential customers throughout the whole season. Choose an image that accurately represents and tells the story of your business. Viewers should be able to easily relate to the imagery you use. This does three things. Keeps your page looking consistent and fresh, saves you time in not having to change it every week, and tells the story of your brand right away.

2. Brand Your Profile Picture With Your Logo.

If you have a personal brand it is okay to use a picture of yourself as the profile photo for your business page. However, in most cases you are representing your business or brand and should make sure your logo is front and center. I personally suggest not changing this picture once it is set. If you feel compelled to change your profile image, always try to overlay the logo across the new image so that it is prominent. The key here is brand recognition. Every time you post anything what do other people see? They see your profile picture! This is an easy way to consistently put your brand in front of others.

3. Update Your About Section.

Most social sites(Facebook in particular) have an about section. Take the time to review the information listed and make sure it is accurate. Consider changing the verbiage in the description of your page in order to be as relevant as possible. If you have the opportunity to create a Call To Action button (learn more, call now, contact us), do that so that page viewers can easily get a hold of you when they have questions.

4. Consider The Content You Post.

One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses making on the social platforms is creating posts that look like sales ads. Your social platform is a means to an end, not the end itself. Quit trying to sell yourself with cheesy ads and photos and offer something valuable to the natural consumer. Use images without lots of text to intrigue the viewer (especially on boosted posts). Focus on talking about benefits and useful information rather than your service or product. By doing this you educate your viewers, build good rapport, and instill a curiosity about your brand that will eventually help them look to you as the authority when they go to make a purchase.

5. Schedule Your Posts.

Did you know that you can schedule your posts ahead of time? Yeah, its good to be “organic” with your content but think of things that will be consistent throughout the month with your posts and write them ahead of time. Facebook has this built right into its functionality while other platforms may require a third party app like HooteSuite  to auto release your posts. This will save you time to where you’ll only have to do follow ups instead of worrying about posting every hour/day/week.

Your social media presence may require attention but it doesn’t have to take up all your time and energy. Use some of these tips at the beginning of each month or season to help alleviate stress and help you get more done.