How To Grow Your Small Business Instagram Account

Strategies For Success!

Do you know that Instagram is the fastest growing social network right now? If there is any time to bring your A-game to this platform, it is now. Many small businesses today want to know what tips they can apply to grow their small business Instagram account faster. Fortunately, here you have it.

Today, brands act as people and people act as brands, and this is why everyone wants to have a thriving Instagram account. Instagram is the perfect fusion of business, media and personalities. Everyone aims to be the top professional, and standing out requires a particular type of creativity.

Here are a number of tips that won’t only help you grow your business account, but also protect it from hackers:


Be Careful With Your Access

If you are surprised this comes first, it is because it is the most important tip of all. It is actually a warning. There is no point wasting precious time growing a business account on Instagram, only for the account to be hacked and stolen. Make sure you use a strong password and register with your email, in case of any attempt to get in.

Also consider activating “Two-Step Authentication”. From the settings page, you can activate this option and thus have full control of access to Instagram. Since you are using Instagram for business, you may be using several apps for have to give them access and password. Sometimes, you may make the mistake of giving access to fake apps that can steal your account. With this option, you will be able to avoid such issue.


Make Your Profile Public

Now that we are sure the account is safe, let’s get to the main tips. The first of the tips for Instagram is that you must make your business account public. With a private profile, you will not be able to attract a new audience since your photos will be hidden.

It is mandatory to work on your brand on Instagram to make the profile public and so that other users can see your content, follow you, and hopefully become your customer. The currency here is visibility, and that is non-negotiable. If this part is not addressed, the other tips may not work so much.


Make Your Bio Stand Out

Your bio starts right with your name (not username). That section is really important in highlighting those 2-3 words by which you identify yourself and your own audience. Head down to the description and summarize what you stand for and why you should be followed. You can even insert a few emojis to sprinkle some fun and color on the text.
And do not forget to take advantage of the link in this section. The link in your bio is the only link you can put on Instagram. Why not use that to link to your website or store, if you have one? Who knows who is checking you out?


Connect Your Instagram Account With Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are from the same business group, Facebook, Inc. So, Facebook is encouraging the use of Instagram. This may also be one other factor to why it has grown so much. When you connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account, Facebook will keep suggesting to your Facebook followers that they should follow you on Instagram as well. Double jackpot!


Only Post High Quality Pictures

Instagram is built on images. The whole idea of Instagram is to share visual contents. Therefore, quality is key. Why do you think there are so much filters with which you can improve your photos? Exactly! If your images is not high in quality, it would be extremely hard to catch the attention of Instagrammers.

To make your images even more spectacular you can dump the in-built filters for more professional and feature-rich apps such as VSCO and Snapseed. These apps will give you some detail of retouching that you cannot do with Instagram. Oh! And delete the photos that were not successful. See this as gallery. You only keep the best arts there. Make sure your Instagram page showcases the best side of your business.

Sometimes, you may even have to go beyond your mobile phone camera. Try getting a real camera or, better still, hire a professional photographer. If you choose to use your camera, you can get the help of a friend who is an amateur photographer or even learn yourself.


Add Location, Hashtags And Captions

When you create a post on Instagram, the post will appear in your feed and will be displayed on the feeds of your followers. These are people who have already signified that they are interested in your contents and what you stand for. However, they are mostly the ones that would see what you share this way.

To position your image under various categories even outside your own feed so that it can become visible to other Instagrammers who may be interested in your photo, you will have to add effective hashtags and locations to your photos.

The locations should be places where users frequently mark their photo. It is not useful to mark locations that nobody uses. The idea behind this strategy is that you can reach more people exploring pictures posted in that location. When exploring, some Instagrammers would find your posts and find them interesting.

The use of hashtags is also very important, but which ones do you use? There are many accounts that monitor and follow certain hashtags. So, adding these hashtags on your posts ensures greater engagement each time you share anything.

Beware of hashtags invented by yourself, because if nobody else uses them, it will not make you reach any new user. That doesn’t mean you can’t a unique hashtag. This can help you brand your content. However, when you do this too much, you miss out on a brilliant opportunity to reach more people.

The last point under this heading is the caption. Captions are a way to differentiate yourself and this is the best way to create a community of followers. We all have a way of thinking, a lifestyle. Why not show it? Do not focus only on the photos, but make sure you write an interesting text with a title and a description that hooks your audience.


Learn And Improve Your Content Every Day

Growing your Instagram community is not an easy task, because there are so many other Instagram business accounts fighting for the attention of your target audience. Some of these accounts are your direct competitors. So, make sure you become a student of Instagram marketing, always looking for ways to satisfy your audience.

Make it a point of duty to study and learn to recognize what your audience wants. For example, you can study the kind of posts that get the most engagement. What kind of posts get the most likes and which ones are commented on the most. If you figure out these categories, you would know what style of posts you should share more frequently.

If you don’t know how to grab your audience’s attention with the kind of content you produce, you can learn how to improve by taking writing relevant courses. An easier route is to consider getting more professional content by hiring professional content creators. Of course, you would still want them to retain your “voice” and keep things natural.


Use Instagram Frequently

It’s no secret that those who have had more success on Instagram are those who are constantly committed to building their accounts. There are those who invest hours to this. To grow on Instagram, you can’t just be uploading an image only when it comes to mind. Instagram takes into account how much you connect, what you do and how you do it. All social networks encourage their use and reward you for it.


Post Relevant Content

While you should post regularly, quality is more important than quantity. Try to share at least one relevant post a day and do it during the peak hour. If you have very little content, you can do it every 2-3 days, but be consistent If you have a lot of content and a lot of quality to show, you can post several times a day, but the maximum is 3 times a day.

Keep in mind that each time you upload a photo you will be followed by new people. But control your emotions and upload your photos in a controlled manner, making periodic rises. To upload your moments use Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories probably even get more views than the standard posts in the feed anyway. So, take advantage of that.


Interact With Your Fans

The competition is very high now on the Internet and Instagram is no less. Any follower wants to feel involved in your community and should feel loved. If you want people to participate in your account, you must participate in theirs.

Whenever they comment on your post, make sure you engage with them. Don’t leave them hanging. In fact, you should do more. Approach them by writing a message or comment, giving them a like or mentioning them in your post comments or even the Stories that you share.

Growing your small business Instagram account is both a science and an art. Thankfully, this is no rocket science, and anyone can learn to create a kickass account for their business. Why not you? Take the tips shared in this article and run with them. You will be surprised at the effect on your business account and your overall brand.