How Do You Get Found Online As A Local Business

Get local customers to find your business.

You know the impact google has on potential customers, how do you get found online as a local business? It is vital for your community to know that you exist. Google Search can be a difficult platform to leverage but when done correctly it can directly impact your growth.

Here is a list of 4 things you can do to help your business get ranked better for local business searches.

1. Google MyBusiness Listing

The easiest and perhaps most impactful thing you can do is claim or list your business with Google MyBusiness. This platform allows you to manage the search result listings that are served up when people are looking for your services. Add a profile photo, supporting images, business hours, service location, and even products. Getting a good handle on the accuracy of this listing is a great first step to getting found. If you want to take it  a step further, also sign up for Google Webmaster tools and submit a sitemap of your website’s URL. Make sure your address or service area is 100% accurate as this will determine in what areas people will see your listing when making an inquiry.

2. Develop A Professionally Optimized Website

A website is a must for any business looking to acquire online prospects. Having a professional design and build a website that is optimized properly for search engines is the best thing you can do to improve your ranking as well as your overall influence online. 68% of the buyer’s journey happens on the internet before they even each out to you. Have your developer optimize your meta tags, page descriptions, url structure and internal linking. Having more content for your site will also add to your search ranking charisma.

3. Industry Directory Listings

Every industry has a select group of online directories or services that list business for reviews and advertising purposes. Sites like Yelp or are the types of places you will want to be listed. This method helps your website gain more backlinks (links from outside sources) which increases credibility with Google algorithms. Ask for customers to find and review you on these platforms. The more reviews you have, the greater the strength of the backlink from that directory, and ultimately the higher google will rank you as a valid result.

4. Local Directory Listings

The last step may take a little work to obtain but is well worth the effort. Every city has some sort of local listings the people from the community use to find recommended services. Try to get your business into these types of publications or websites. Chambers of commerce and come city government sites may have this option for members. The more places you are listed in your particular city, the higher the chances Google will rank your business. Remember not to get spammy though. Only list with the directories that make the most sense for your product or target market.


Following these four tips to take control of your online listings has a direct impact on local searches.