The Importance of Getting Good Reviews Online

If you ever underestimated the importance of getting good reviews online, think again. Online reviews have never been as important to businesses as they are today. In fact, the impact of good reviews on your business could be so tremendous, you can’t keep up.

That is why lots of businesses make sure they get listed on many sites that allow reviews, such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Angie’s list, BBB, Foursquare, etc. This is because they have discovered the unlimited benefits attached to positive customer reviews.

The internet has not only democratized the sharing of opinion, it has also made it easier than ever to access all this information. That means whatever is being said about your business has a great likelihood of reaching far more people than you can imagine.

People do not only like to buy, but also love to comment on what they have bought. At a time when almost 90% of users search for online reviews before buying anything, getting good reviews is something that has become crucial for your business, period.

Here are a few reasons why getting good online reviews is so important:

Getting Good Reviews Online

It Helps You Sell More

When other customers recommend your business, you are enjoying one of the greatests influences to encourage other people interested to go ahead and make a purchase with you as well.

Basically, it is superior to any seal of quality that exists. As the end, the goal of any business is to increase their sales, the opinions of happy customers becomes vitally important to consistent growth.

There Is No Cheaper Marketing Tool

Give me one reason why it isn’t worth it to take full advantage of a free marketing tool. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Not only is word of mouth cost-effective, it is simply more effective than any other marketing. Although the company can spend a fortune on a large advertising campaign, a simple review of someone they know (or maybe don’t know) will always give them greater confidence.

You Will Know Your Customers Better

Analyzing the reviews of your clients will help you approach them and know what their characteristics, expectations and desires are. Not only will you learn a lot, but they will also notice your interest. Responding to negative reviews in a professional manner can also help you win the trust of others. It may even save the dissatisfied customer from going to a competitor.

Validations Generate Confidence

A business that has positive ratings encourages potential customers to trust the brand and their products. Without the reviews of other customers, your business loses references that your competition could have and may not generate too much confidence that you can deliver on expectations.

It Shows That You Care For And Have Interest In Your Customers

Customers like it when a company shows interest in knowing their opinion and is concerned about satisfying their needs and expectations. Interacting with them and responding to their reviews whenever possible will help to achieve greater closeness, something very necessary in the online environment.


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Customers Want To Be Heard

Do not make the mistake of avoiding reviews in an attempt to “dodge” possible bad ones. In the technological era, where users are increasingly accustomed to using social networks to comment on any topic, it is a good idea for a business to give customers the option to share their opinions as well.

Encourage comments about their experience as buyers in the form of reviews. This, in addition to satisfying your current customer, can encourage others to try your online store. Letting your audience be heard is key to getting good reviews online.

Google Loves Positive Reviews

If you want to improve your search engine ranking and appear higher on search pages, having plenty of positive reviews is an important factor. Sometimes, it can be tough to do things that Google likes. There can be a lot of strategies strategies to improve on.

However, if you allow your customers to drop positive reviews about your business, Google’s algorithm will help you to have a good organic positioning. That is, you can get a good rank in the results offered by Google completely free! Simply by focusing in on your review efforts.

Everyone Likes To Receive A Compliment

For your own self-esteem and that of your staff, it is always good to receive positive reviews that praise your work and, in addition to improving our reputation, work as a “pat on the back” and a motivation to continue with that work.

positive reviews

How To Get Positive Reviews

Offer Discounts

Encourage satisfied customers to give their opinion about the company through a small discount on the next purchase. This way, you can get reviewed for your good work and they can get rewarded for their loyalty. That is a win-win situation.

Go Social

Encourage your followers on social media to share their reviews. Instead of just amassing follows, this is a good area to channel all that energy. People on social media are already talking anyway. By directing them to pages where all their reviews are properly organized and compiled, you would get more reviews more easily.

Include In Newsletters And Business Cards

Include the address of the review page in newsletters and business cards. This could be a fine call to action. Instead of leaving the email bare, give them something to work with.

Ask After Purchase

An email a few days after purchase with a link to your review page is a remarkable way of getting good reviews online for your business. That is why many online stores do this.

Demos And Betas

You can send an invitation to relevant users to try the products or services in exchange for their reviews. This works great, especially if you have a new product you just launched. Even if not so, you can be innovative with special promos to promote old products. Then, get your reviews.

As you can see, getting good reviews online is good business. If you have been missing out, now is the time to key into that. Word of mouth is always the ultimate marketing machine.