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Easy, affordable, and effective web building solution.

Excelevate makes it easy to design your own service package and manage your online marketing from start to finish. We want to partner with you to help you succeed and Excelevate is our answer to the questions you’ve been asking. See and manage all your costs, invoices, analytics, and quotes in one place. This program is built off the principles of leveraging different web technologies to create a virtual marketing funnel that drives engagement with your brand and adds value for your customers

How It Works

Each section of the funnel is compounded and builds on the previous step. Starting with your required BASIC WEB PRESENCE, choose what add-ons from each additional category you’d like to be integrated into your strategy. Engaging users, enhancing your brand, selling online, or creative marketing can all be customized to suit your needs.

Basic Web Presence 38%
Branding 50%
Engagement 75%
E-Commerce 85%
Marketing 100%

Basic Web Presence

This section is the foundation of your web strategy. Everything here is meant to get you up and running based on the materials you already have on hand. All services under this category are mandatory in order to get started and form the base for all other add-ons.

Section Total: $500


Launch your presence with style. These services add value to your base and are focused on showcasing your brand, adding value to your service, and unifying your marketing strategy.

Section Total: $1200


Fully embrace your followers by engaging with them. the services listed here again add more value to your brand but are more focused on interacting with potential and current customers.

Section Total: $1100


Sell your product online by taking advantage of e-commerce solutions that integrate with your website.  From a simple t-shirt store to full blown large inventory custom products, we can handle your needs.

Section Total: $1200


Going the extra mile to reach your customers means generating consumable content for them to enjoy. At NeuWeb we believe that the future of marketing will be almost entirely visual based content. We strive to simplify the tedious, enhance the mundane, and record the extravagant to make every element of your brand shine.

Section Total: $1200

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Introducing EXCELEVATE

Samuel Neudeck

President | Creative Director

Over the last few years I’ve asked potential clients how they prefer to purchase web services. Business owners are looking for easy, affordable, and effective solutions where they can pick and choose their own options.  Well, we’ve listened to your advice and I am excited to announce the launch of our first strategized web service plan. It’s called called Excelevate and it makes building your online strategy a breeze!”

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