Email Marketing

Email marketing is essentially the same thing as direct marketing through the mail except way more effective. In today’s modern society of technology driven life, many businesses use the power of email to build relationships with potential buyers and influence their decisions. So should you do email marketing for your business? If so what techniques do you use or how do you get started? Let’s answer a few of these questions so you can begin implementing this effective method into your strategy.

The Facts

One of the first things that might blow your mind is that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average expected return is $38. This stat alone is enough the get me excited, but lets dig deeper.  According to an article by WordStream, “Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.” That makes it extremely powerful for reaching untapped markets. Finally, 86% business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. Meaning that if your marketing to businesses you can’t afford to avoid the email. There are plenty more stats out there that might surprise you and you can find them here.

What is it… exactly?

Okay, now lets break down the process of what marketing through email actually is. Say your an average Joe looking to buy a really cool website service for your idea of starting an online store. So you hop on the web and start surfing around for what type of website would work best and how much it’ll cost. You determine that it would be nice to have a free site but that you really don’t have the time to maintain it so you end up finding a local developer and download a free ebook on the essentials of starting an online business from their page. In order to download the book you had to put in your name and email address. The next day you open your email and lo-and-behold there is an email from that developer waiting for you.

Aha! What just happened to Mr. Average Joe is that his email was capture through a give-and-take situation on the developers website. That email was added to a database that was most likely segmented out to send a timed release follow-up series of emails to people like Mr. Joe who downloaded the ebook. Over the course of the next 3 months while Joe is still setting up his business he get 10-15 more emails all offering valuable information and tips for getting his online business started. Now he’s ready to launch the business so he reaches out to the developer who has been sending him so much useful information throughout the process. They both know what Joe needs and they strike a deal and get to work building the website that will be Joe’s future.

I hope this fun little story showed the value of having an email marketing campaign. A summary would be simply capturing an email and sending offers, tips, blogs, personal communications, etc..  in hopes o nurture and good relationship and influence the sale of the buyer. 

Email marketing is effective not only on the front end but also on the follow-up. After a purchase is made, shipping out a newsletter or quarterly product update can help purchasers feel welcomed and encouraged by your brand and they may very well make another purchase.

What about negative stigmas? I know many people I talk to about email marketing say it probably doesn’t work because they get too annoying but the fact is that since email marketing became a thing over 11 years ago, it is still one of the ROI’s in marketing. People say they don’t like it but the stats show other wise.

Thanks for reading. If you need to setup email marketing automation for your business, we can do that! Just fill out this form and check email automation and we’ll get back with you shortly to build a campaign around your goals.