Social Media Management

Get ready to start the conversation and build a community! You want your social media platforms to work to grow your brand awareness and create a following of your brand. We can help you do just that.

Focused Social Media Management

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook. Every business needs to have a social media management strategy. We can help you maintain your pages, run promotions, talk to your customers and keep your business flowing. Save time and gain new customers by sharing inbound marketing content and relevant information. Social media is important. We make it easy.

Being Social

The most important part of social media is being social. Your social accounts are an integrated part of your business and should be used to promote your products. However, you need to lay some groundwork as well. By only selling to your followers, they probably won’t stick around long. Give them reasons and ways to stay involved with what you do.

NeuWeb Marketing can help you learn how to find and listen to your audience as well as design your social pages in order to be relevant to them. A social media management plan can be a powerful part of your strategy.


  • 2.1 billion people on Facebook

  • 79% of Americans use it

  • 50 million businesses have a page

  • 57% are influenced shoppers

  • 26% purchase on 1st time ad clicks

Managing Social Media

In order to make social media pages drive traffic to your business, you will need two things: business objectives and a strategy. To get these things working together, try ruminating on the following questions.

Should Social Media Be A Part Of My Strategy?

There are so many people using sites like Facebook and Twitter these days that the most obvious answer is yes. Yet, you should still question exactly what you want to get out of your social media platforms.

  • Do you want more attention?
  • More qualified leads?
  • Do you want to change the direction of your brand?

These are important questions to be asking before you can start top develop your social media management strategy.

Which Platform Do You Use?

The most popular platforms out there right now are:

  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn

Each of these platforms has a unique appeal and type of audience. To truly understand which platform is best you need to understand you buyer personas and your marketing goals.

What Kind Of Content Should You Post?

What  you decide to post should be content that speaks to your target audience on each platform. Consider what sort of content your business will be known for. Memes of your grandma just aren’t gonna to cut it.  You content should be:

  • Purposefully written and designed
  • Detailed and Informative
  • Relevant to your industry and audience

Social media is all about conversation. Stay involved with your audience. Gather feedback, respond to questions, comments, and concerns, and be present when your needed.

Ready To Start The Conversation Around Your Brand?

The first step to every successful project is getting to know you and your goals.
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