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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

In the digital economy people are turning to the internet for answers. As a result, search engines  get massive amounts of traffic. Additionally, this traffic contains people who are in need of your expertise. These people type in keywords related to your business.  Is your website the first thing they find?

NeuWeb Marketing is helping you achieve higher search rankings so that your content is consistently showing results. Our SEO (search engine optimization) services are designed to connect you with your target audience.

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Organic Searches

First of all, to get found in organically means ranking for a search without using paid advertising. Do this through SEO Keyword research and implementation as well as optimizing web pages.We have the capabilities in-house to do:

  • Research & Analytics
  • Keyword Planning
  • Webpage optimization
  • internal link structure
  • relevant content creation

We direct your target audience to the right spot on your website organically. Many competitors front-load websites with keywords, hide text, and create multiple pages with low quality content. Due to this malpractice, you see good results for a week or two and then stop. However, we take a different approach that doesn’t hurt the long term growth of your business. There is no short-cut to quality SEO.

Paid Advertising

Boost the effect of your organic SEO efforts. You can use paid advertising on particular search engines to do this. Start with comprehensive research on your buyer personas and tagging specific keywords they search for. Finally, pay for your web pages to be advertised for specific demographics keywords. Doing this will increase those particular pages in organic searches as well.

We can help even if your already running Pay Per Click ads. We make sure you reach the right people with both SEO and PPC.