Email Marketing

Automated Email. Never Miss An Opportunity.

How many opportunities get missed because of the fact that there was no follow up? You might think that email is annoying and could never work. However, the truth is that email marketing has one of the best success rates in digital marketing.  Another important fact is that it takes 7-11 exposure for the average consumer to buy into a concept, This makes email marketing perfect to get the job done.

Advantages Of Using Email Marketing


First of all, compared to direct mail, email delivers your message instantly. In contract, going snail mail may take days to get your message to potential customers without accurate measurements. Email eliminates the cost of getting your message out to the masses. According to recent studies, email marketing sees an average of 4,600% return on investment.


As automated marketing evolves, so does the ability to customize each email to the recipient. This makes it simple to stay ahead of new product launches, promotions, and even digital ads that will help grow your business. Set up abandon cart campaigns, new customer messaging, and delivery of content without manually sending it. Therefore, automate and create more time to get other things done.


Finally, email marketing is a great way to collect information on your customers and potential buyers. You can monitor:

  • Open Rate
  • Click through Rate
  • Downloads
  • Purchases
  • Bounce and bad addresses

You can shape the way you deliver you content through data analysis. Likewise, it tells you where to add value to your customers. You can inform your decision making process before taking a product to market. Email marketing also gives you the opportunity to send surveys. Get much more detailed feedback for your business strategy.

The Conversion Process


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