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Digital Advertising

Getting Real Exposure!

You need digital advertising. A website alone is not going to bring you a significant amount of business although it is vital to the acquisition of new customers. Getting new prospects into your marketing funnel and engaging with your content is most important to the growth of your company once the rest of your strategy is in place. The best way to do this is through paid traffic methods.

Leverage Systems

By leveraging big data systems and search engine algorithms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook, we create focused ads directed at your target audience. Whether its keyword Pay Per Click text, video marketing, or eye popping imagery, we make sure the right people are being exposed to your message. Here are main methods we use:

  • Pay Per Click Ads: These ads show up on the first page of a search engine’s results when a particular keyword or phrase is typed into the search bar. You only get charged when someone clicks.
  • Remarketing: This is similar to PPC but takes it .a step further by adding a tracking code to your website. When users visit your website or a particular page, they are then added to a list of key terms so that later when they are browsing elsewhere, they will see your advertisement.
Paid Traffic Methods
Pay Per Click Ads

Why Paid Traffic?

No matter what anyone might say about SEO or other “free” traffic methods, the reality is that the absolute best way to get your brand exposed. Creating organic content is or doing extensive SEO work is always recommended but this alone does not guarantee that people will be seeing your material. By placing ads strategically, you are always guaranteed that people will see your messaging and be viewing your website. Paid traffic also allows us to gather detailed analytics and demographic reports much faster than other methods and thereby allows us to adjust your marketing funnel to fit your target audience’s buyer journey faster. In short, paid methods get your fast and tangible results.

3 Benefits of Digital Advertising

Boosting ROI and Sales

On average, every dollar spent on paid advertising gains 2.5-3 dollars back. It’s like sticking your dollar in a soda machine and it giving you 3 back. You could stand there all day if you wanted to grow your bank account. Same thing with your business. PPC ads are targeted and get you a good return in the long run.

Cross Promotion

When you run digital campaigns alongside your other marketing efforts, it helps your visibility across the board. A customer sees you in one place on social media, and then you show up in a search query. Being several places at once is powerful for attracting buyers.

Tapping Into The Buyer Journey

Because of the targeted way that ads are designed, you can literally reach your buyer at each stage of their journey.




This gives you a major advantage when they are ready to make a decision on which service they will go with to solve their problem.

How It Works

  1. Prepare

  • Define Target Audience
  • Choose Keywords
  • Pick A Platform
  • Create Marketing Message
  • Define Ad Spend Budget

  1. Create

  • Create Ad Content
  • Set Ad Timeline
  • Focus On Demographics
  • Build Ad Campaign
  • Launch!

  1. Adjust

  • Run A/B Split Tests
  • Analyze Results
  • Gather Further Insights
  • Adjust Campaigns

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