5 Tips For Better Facebook Images

Market better on social media with eye catching imagery.

What does it take to capture your audience’s attention with Facebook Images? I’m a part of many different networking groups in my local community and time after time I see the same old boring posts. So let’s correct that marketing strategy and make it better! Here are 5 simple tips to creating more compelling facebook images that draw people into your message.

Tip #1: Less Text

The number one biggest mistake businesses make when posting on social media is using WAY too much text in their image. It makes sense though. You want to get the most pertinent information out there as fast as possible. You cram in your headline, message, phone number, email, website, logos, and services into one image and think, “Yeah. That will get the point across.” I hate to break it to you but your probably not going to get many clicks with an image like that. Why do people visit facebook? To be entertained. It is an interest based platform. So if you want to capture their attention, try using imagery that will connect with them and stop them from scrolling farther.

Which one stands out better? (hint:the one on the right.)

facebook images comparison

Tip #2: Keep It Focused

Another common issue is having too much going on in the photo. Many subjects or to confusing subject of a subject matter. Make sure that your image matches your service or product. For example, if your promoting a vacation destination, using an image from a crowded bar at the resort is not as compelling as maybe a clean picture of a couple on the sandy beach. Both images show the destination. However, the cleaner, more dramatic photo of the beach immediately makes you think of travel and vacationing in paradise. You can picture yourself there being relaxed.

5 tips for better facebook images

The message is received well.

Tip #3: Use Color To Set The Mood

This one is simple. If you are promoting something fun and engaging, then the more color the better! If its simple and elegant, even tones work well. Finally, if it is something downcast or solemn, using a greyscale photo may be a better choice. Its all about psychology and perception. How do you want your audience to feel and connect with what you are sharing.

Tip #4: Use People!

Your on Facebook to connect with people right? Then why not have people in your imagery? Putting a face to your brand or product helps other see that there is someone behind the product or brand. Lifestyle shots of people using your product help them visualize themselves using it as well. Wether we are introverts or extroverts, humans tend to be drawn to other people.

Tip #5: Don’t Overthink It

I think one of the reasons marketers and small business owners make mistakes is a simple act of overthinking. We try and do too much and in the end it IS too much. Stay within the simple rules in tips 1-4 and simply go with what feels and looks best. If it represents your message and your brand well, go for it. Use the text area in the post itself to explain yourself and give a phone number or call to action. If you got their attention with the image, they will read what you have to say.

So go forth and take a more targeted approach to your facebook images. Use these tips to grow engagement on social media and get more contacts. Remember, it’s not always about selling yourself. It’s about delighting your audience so that they feel compelled to engage. Do the selling later.

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